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UFC 133 Fight Card: Tito Ortiz Talks Rashad Evans, Fedor Emelianenko

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz has a blog on to promote this Saturday's UFC 133 headliner pitting him against fellow former champ Rashad Evans

He's his usual freewheeling self. Here's Tito on Fedor vs Henderson:

I also watched the Fedor Emelianenko-Dan Henderson fight. I am not a huge supporter or anything, but it was hard to see someone like Fedor basically retire himself like that. He's been finished in his last three fights and it is never good seeing any fighter who has been around for a long time finish on his face.

He's not one of the greatest ever; he did great in Pride but he chose not to come to the UFC and he never fought in the UFC. You can't be considered one of the best -- much less the greatest ever -- if you didn't fight in the UFC. Pride isn't the UFC and the places he's been since Pride aren't the UFC. Everyone who came from Pride to the UFC got stomped.

He also has a few thoughts on his opponent:

You've probably seen the clip the UFC released with Rashad and me talking via satellite. Rashad was in full "bad guy" mode saying he was going to finish me "quick."...

He's not basing this stuff on any reality. It's all fantasy. I'm not an easy guy to finish, that's right there on my record, and he hasn't finished too many big fights in his career. That's also right there on record. So really what he's doing is talking BS and trying to sound strong when I think he probably feels weak and unsure of himself.


That is what Rashad is doing with his silly talk of finishing me quick. He's coming off a huge layoff, he's not with the gym who took him to the title, and he's coming off a serious knee injury. He's not mentally strong anyway, so I think he's mentally in trouble for this fight.


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