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Patriots WR Chad Ochocinco Calls Out UFC Champ Georges St. Pierre

Newly signed New England Patriot wide receiver Chad Ochocinco doesn't really live in the same world as the rest of us. When he isn't trying out for Major League Soccer or doing a bull riding exhibition, he is calling out fighters. In March, Chad released a video saying calling out Anderson Silva, a few weeks back it was a Twitter challenge to Tito Ortiz and now it's Georges St. Pierre:

"Who's the best fighter right now? I'll f--k him up. Where is St. Pierre at? Georges St. Pierre, call me, I'm in Omaha. Where's he live? Canada? I'm not gonna lose to no f-----g Canadian."

One might think that this is all a product of his new sponsorship deal with Tapout, but that would be forgetting that this is nothing new for Ocho. He has done boxing training for some time now and back in 2009 he called out welterweight boxer Andre Berto. It wasn't an impressive call-out given that Ochocinco is roughly 6' and 200 lbs and Berto is about half a foot shorter and fights at 147 lbs.

He also has challenged linebackers Shawne Merriman and Terrell Suggs to boxing matches in the past.

I imagine that there will be plenty more of Ocho throwing out challenges that everyone knows won't go anywhere. Or maybe his now being in the Patriots organization means finally being in an environment where coaches and management will tell him to shut up and play football.

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