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ProElite Live Results and Commentary

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If you thought UFC 134 was the only MMA you were getting tonight, you were sadly mistaken. I'm not sure anything can top the pure joy I felt from the Big Nog and Shogun wins, but who knows? Maybe Reagan Penn and Joe Riggs can top them. ProElite is promoting their first card of their resurrection tonight from Honolulu, HI, and it will be streamed live. There are many familiar faces on the card, and it should be pretty entertaining. Join us at 1 a.m. ET/10 p.m. PT for the festivities.

You can catch the stream of the event over at Sherdog, and I hope you'll join myself and The Clown Prince of New Jersey, Matt Roth, for some tomfoolery in the comment section. Show that Bloody Elbow Night Crew spirit and stay awake for some more MMA! As usual, you can catch the full play-by-play after the jump. He's a rundown of tonight's card:

Andrei Arlovski vs. Ray Lopez
Kendall Grove vs. Joe Riggs
Mark Ellis vs. Jake Heun
Drew McFedries vs. Garrett Olson
Sara McMann vs. Raquel Pa'aluhi
Reagan Penn vs. Paul Gardiner

The stream has actually already begun and apparently they're showing undercard fights, so tune in for some no-namers right now if you feel the need.

Drew McFedries vs. Garrett Olson - Round 1 - The fighters exchange kicks to start.Olson pushes McFedries against the cage and throws a knee or three (hey that rhymed). The ref separates them quickly. Olson throws a head kick and a spinning heel kick, both didn't look too great. He shot in for a takedown that Drew stuffed, then McFedries threw a "monster bomb", as Lil Eagle calls it. Olson with more kicks and some wild overhand rights. As soon as Drew attempts to throw, Olson runs for his life. More overhand rights, and now Drew's mad. Beast mode from McFedries now, drops Olson and throws bombs. Referee YUJI SHIMADA stands it up after some inactivity though. Olson throwing some stuff, Drew throwing nothing. Till he landed a monster body shot that crumpled Olson like an old box. Drew doesn't press though. Weird round to score.

Round 2 - McFedries comes out early and puts Olson on his butt. McFedries takes his back but eventually it gets back to standing. Olson trying to entice McFedries into his guard. Olson doesn't look like he has much left. Olson is throwing slow shots, but Drew doesn't seem to want to throw a lot. Until now, when McFedries drops Olson. This time he goes on the attack and pounds out Olson. Drew McFedries defeats Garrett Olson via TKO (strikes), 4:04 of round 2.

Sara McMann vs. Raquel Pa'aluhi - Round 1 - The ladies come out firing punches in the middle. McMann gets a takedown into Raquel's full guard (I'm not attempting to spell that last name). Back up, more strikes, then McMann gives Raquel what could only be described as a Rock Bottom. That was crazy. Back to the feet, and McMann gets yet another takedown. McMann moves into mount, but Raquel sweeps. and now Sara sweeps her right back! Great fight so far. Back to standing again. McMann with a single name, Raquel reverses, Sara reverses right back. McMann in side control now, reigning down punches with 40 seconds to go. Upkick from Raquel. Back to standing and knuckle chucking. Knees in the clinch from McMann. Really good round.

Round 2 - Some strikes, then another sick takedown from McMann. Right into mount less than 20 seconds into the round. McMann posting up and dropping some serious lumber on Raquel here. Raquel manages to get back to full guard though. McMann backs ot of her guard and lets her up. Raquel looking for a takedown now, but no dice on the Olympic wrestler. As expected, Sara's back on tip in Raquel's full guard halfway through the round. First real lull in the fight now, with McMann sitting in Raquel's guard and looking to drop the occasional shot. Raquel sets up an armbar as the crowd goes wild. McMann patiently defending a triangle attempt from Raquel as the round ends. Not as good as the first, but still quite good.

Round 3 - They open up the round exactly the same as the first - trading leather and knees before McMann gets a takedown. Yuji Shimada keeps swatting flies on the cage. He's not a fan of Raquel using her toes to grip the cage. We get a standup now, and a big kick from McMann followed by some Frye/Takayama. Again though, McMann ragrolls her to the floor like she's throwing around a pillow. Seriously strong girl. She's in Raquel's open half guard with 2:20 to go. Now McMann looks  to be going for a kimura, and she gets the submission with it! Wow! Sara McMann defeats Raquel Pa'aluhi via submission (kimura), 2:53, round 3.

Mark Ellis vs. Jake Heun - Round 1 - Heun goes straight at Ellis with punches, but gets reversed and ends up underneath the wrestler. Ellis is stacking him up against the cage. Heun flips him off, stands up, and locks on a standing guillotine. Ellis slips out quickly though. Ellis looking for the takedown, and gets it right into side control. Heun uses the cage to flop over, but Ellis tries to lock up a D'Arce choke. Nothing there. Bit of a scramble and Heun's on the bottom again halfway through the round. Ellis moves to mount. Heun gives up his back, and Ellis falls off th the side looking for the choke. It slipped off, but he's reapplying it. Heun sits up and ends up on top briefly, but Ellis maintains. Heun rolls out again and lands a knee to the face of a falling Ellis. Ellis immediately ends up back on top though, and back into mount. Heun putting up a spirited fight, but Ellis' wrestling is relentless.

Round 2 - Ellis with a takedown and tries to slap on a D'Arce again right away. No success, but he has side control now. Now he's looking for a kimura, again without success. Mini scramble sees Huen on the bottom looking for a kimura. He's really cranking on it hammerlock-style, and uses it to sweep. He can't finish with the move though, and Ellis pulls away and jumps on Heun's back. He manages to slap on a rear naked choke with no hooks or anything, and Heun taps. Sloppy but effective, I guess. Mark Ellis defeats Jake Heun by submission (rear naked choke), 2:29, round 2.

Reagan Penn vs. Paul Gardiner - Round 1 - Penn comes out with a quick kick, and Gardiner goes for a takedown. Reagan shows off some of that Penn balance and does his best to stay up. Reagan now has his back with a hook and is looking for a choke immediately. Some hammerfists. Heel kicks from Penn. Holy crap, he submitted him with a rear naked choke without hooks. Two fights in a row. Reagan Penn defeats Paul Gardiner by submission (rear naked choke), 1:10, Round 1.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Ray Lopez - Round 1 - A couple of punches thrown by Lopez, then they end up in the clinch with Arlovski throwing a couple of knees. Arlovski pushed Lopez against the cage. Arlovski scoops up a leg and kick the other one out with authority. Lopez pops right up though. Arlovski with a leg kick. Arlovski with a hard right to the body. Lopez throwing and missing, and Arlovski circling out instead of heading straight backwards. Arlovski with a takedown and immediately to mount. Some GnP from the Pitbull from a high mount. Lopez can't buck him off. Arlovski with some Sakuraba axehandles. He transitions back to side looking for an armbar, but is settling for big fists to the face. Lopez looks for a leglock, but Arlovski spins and steps right back into mount. He popped out the back though, and takes Andrei's back. Has hooks, looking for the choke! Round is over though.

Round 2 - Arlovski is bleeding a bit from his nose. Slow pace to start the round, just a few low kicks. Into the clinch, Arlovski with a couple of knees. Not much happening against the cage, but AA exits with a right hook. Back to center. Arlovski closing the distance but not throwing. Back into the clinch, and Arlovski drags Lopez down directly into full mount with 2:50 to go. AA with a high mount, dropping a bunch of punches now. Lopez rolls over, AA out to the side and throwing punches. He's not controlling position at all though. Now he jumps on his back and throws a double punch to the kidneys? Weird. Arlovski seems like he's just toying with a tired Lopez. This is certainly not the Arlovski of old. Lopez is turtled up doing nothing, and AA isn't don't a whole lot to finish things. Lopez looks for a leg lock and eats hammerfists. Arlovski's round, but very uninspired.

Round 3 - Andrei with a few kicks and a right hand before he drags Lopez down. Arlovski lets Lopez up after finding out that he's not allowed to stomp his opponent. Arlovski with another right and another takedown. He passes lazily to side but still isn't throwing a ton. Now he's looking for a crucifix. Back to the mount for AA. It seems like he could pound him out whenever he wants, but he's not trying very hard. The referee feels differently though and steps in to stop the fight. Lopez is busted up a bit, but that was not a good performance from either man. Andrei Arlovski defeats Ray Lopez via TKO (strikes), 2:43, round 3.

Kendall Grove vs. Joe Riggs - Round 1 - Lil Evil's talking about swinging a bat. Someone get that man a mai tai. Grove comes out active, Riggs less so. Grove overcommits to a punch and Riggs goes for a double, but can't get it. Grove locks up a standing guillotine, and it's over just like that. Riggs taps. Kendall Grove defeats Joe Riggs via submission, :59, round 1.

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