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UFC 134 Results: Thiago Tavares Ground and Pounds Spencer Fisher to a Second Round Stoppage

Photo by Getty Images
Photo by Getty Images

The first round of this fight was dictated by Thiago Tavares who utilizes his vastly improved wrestling to continuously get the fight to the ground. Once on the ground he wasn't able to do any significant damage as Fisher defended well off his back. Spencer was tentative with his boxing which allowed Tavares to close the distance and constantly put Spencer on the ground. The round ended with Tavares having Spencer on the ground with his back against the cage but not doing any damage. In between rounds his corner told him to not kick.

As the second began Thiago Tavares throwing two kicks and then getting the takedown. From the ground he started opening up with some offensive ground and pound, slowly chipping away at Fisher before working his way to the mount. Once he had the mount he unleashed punches to the face of the American fighter. The referee kept threatening to stop the fight and though Spencer wasn't in any danger of being knocked out, he wasn't doing enough to justify remaining in the fight. The stoppage came late in the second round. Spencer popped up immediately and didn't look like he was hurt at all.

This is a great win for Thiago Tavares who entered the UFC as one of the top Brazilian prospects. He had issues whenever he fought the better fighters in the division and in his last fight was knocked out by Shane Roller. This win is a nice way to restart his climb to relevancy in the lightweight division. Now 6-4-1 in the UFC, he picks up a nice win over a veteran fighter. For Fisher, this may be the last time he fights in the UFC. At 35 years old and 0-2 in his last two, his best years are behind him. He's 9-7 in the UFC and can't make another run at the top. 

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