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UFC 134 Results: Rousimar Palhares Wins a Decision in a Strange But Great Fight With Dan Miller

Photo by Getty Images
Photo by Getty Images

Rousimar Palhares picked up a decision victory over Dan Miller in what was definitely the fight of the night so far. It featured one of the more bizarre things you'll ever see in a fight, when Palhares believed he had finished Miller in the first and jumped on the cage to celebrate, only to find out that the fight was never stopped. And he almost got knocked out himself about 10 seconds after the restart. Seriously. The final scores were 29-27, 30-25, 30-27 for Palhares. Weird.

The first round started with Miller trying to establish his jab, while Toquinho remained patient. Palhares went inside and surprisingly pulled guard. He almost immediately looked for a triangle, then an armbar, but Miller defended well and backed out. Palhares threw a few leg kicks while Miller tried to establish his range. A front kick by Palhares caught Miller right on the jaw and he was hurt, but he caught a charging Palhares and planted him on his back. Miller tried for some ground n pound, but backed out again not long after. Back on the feet, Palhares threw a couple of wild right hooks and more leg kicks while Miller again went back to the jab.

Mad confusion reigned as Palhares landed a big head kick and pounded on Miller. Palhares thought the fight was over and jumped on the cage thinking he had won, but Herb Dean informed him that he never stopped the fight and it went on. Right after the restart, Miller dropped Palhares with a left hand and tried to pound out Palhares, but Toquinho got right up and landed a huge takedown. I've never seen anything like that before.

The second round started with just as much action as the end of the first. They went at each other immediately, with Miller getting a takedown after Palhares landed some shots from the Thai clinch. Miller locked up a triangle, but Palhares slammed his way out of it. Palhares landed some punches from the top. Miller posts up a triangle again, but gets slammed again. Palhares continued on top, strafing Miller with elbows. The pace finally slowed again with two minutes to go, but Palhares continued to land shots from the top. Miller was hurt but still defending. Palhares dropped for a leg lock but was unsuccessful. Palhares continued to drop bombs on a bloody Miller against the fence. Miller showed some incredible heart to stay in the fight, even though he was getting the poop beat out of him. His eye is really messed up. Clear round for Toquinho.

The pace was slow again to start the third, though you could hardly blame either fighter for that. Both were throwing one punch at a time, with Miller getting the better of it, albeit slightly. Three minutes to go and it was clear that they were both a bit worn out. Palhares worked the leg kicks again and had some success. The whole rest of the round was very similar, with Miller probably pulling it out with his jab.

If you missed this, you need to go back and watch it ASAP. It featured a whole plethora of strange and amazing stuff.

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