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UFC 134 Results: Erick Silva Puts Luis Ramos to Sleep with a Massive Right

Photo by Getty Images
Photo by Getty Images

This fight was incredible. Erick Silva took two of Luis Ramos' leg kicks before throwing a monster overhand right that landed flush on the jaw of his opponent. A couple more punches on the ground and a black flip off the cage and we have ourselves a solid prospect to look for in the UFC. The Brazilian crowd went nuts for this fantastic finish.

Post fight Kenny Florian asked him how he feels about fighting for the UFC in Rio. Wallid Ismael was with him in the cage and you can tell it's a special moment for Erick Silva. The right hand got the crowd pumped. He is the current reigning Jungle Fight champion and will be an impressive fighter to watch as he improves and grows in the UFC. Total time needed for victory was 40 seconds. Great win. Hopefully the UFC gives Luis Ramos another chance in the octagon as well since he is also a solid Brazilian prospect. 

Erick Silva is now 13-1-1 with 10 finishes. Kid is gonna be great as he gets older. 

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