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UFC 134 Results: Yuri Alcantara Grapples Felipe Arantes to a Decision

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Alcantara came forward and swarmed with knees and punches. Arantes fired back with a punch that landed cleanly to the chin. Arantes threw leg kicks that were continuously checked and then was taken down by Alcantara who worked from half-guard. Yuri used aggressive ground and pound to pass to side control and then attempted full mount but wasn't able to keep position. Felipe's face opened up with an elbow. Arantes attempts a jump spin kick as the round ended which didn't land.

Nice head kick by Arantes to open the round. Alcantara responded with a 1-2-3 combo and then took the fight to the mat. Yuri stood up and passed to side control and then the mount. Nice control from the top but looking for a mounted triangle meant he gave up position. Back to working from the guard before a referee stand up. Big knee from Arantes which allowed Alcantara to get him to the ground. Not much happened when the round ended.

The final round opened with Arantes throwing a head kick and getting blasted with a punch that dropped him. Alcantare followed him to the ground and immediately took his back but couldn't secure both hooks. Alcantara swept and started working from the top. Weird standup by Mario Yamasaki and Alcantara attempted a flying knee but was taken down. Yuri wasn't able to get any offense going and again Mario stood them up. Alcantara got another takedown which should mean he's won this fight.

The win for Alcantara is impressive but doesn't mean he's a force to be reckoned with in the division. His stand up still has plenty of holes and a better fighter wouldn't have allowed that many takedowns. Felipe Arantes looks good in defeat. He took on a veteran and took the best he had to offer. He's young enough that he still has potential to develop into a solid fighter.

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