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Shooto Brazil: Fight for BOPE Live Results and Discussion

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Tonight HD Net will be airing Shooto Brazil: Fight for BOPE at 10pm ET. Join us tonight for a discussion and play by play of the event. The rumor is that Glover Teixeira is fighting for a shot at a UFC contract. Ronys Torres is looking for a way back to the big show as well. The card is a benefit for the BOPE to help continue their fight against the drug trafficking in Brazil. The card occurred last night but let's keep this post spoiler free so we can enjoy some fights on a Friday night. 

Results after the jump...

Cesar Augusto vs Felipe Olivieri

Round 1: Olivieri throws a kick but is tripped to the ground. He quickly locks in an omoplata and it is tight. Augusto escapes but gives up position to do so. Olivieri is working from the top in half guard against the ropes. Olivieri is working the body trying to soften up Cesar. Augusto's bottom game is terrible. He's allowing Felipe to just work from the top. Augusto scrambles to his feet but is hip tossed to the ground. Olivieri is working from guard and can't land anything significant. Augusto gives up the mount and Olivieri starts to open up with some decent ground and pound. Augusto hip escapes and works a leg until the round ends. Obvious 10-9 for Felipe Olivieri.  

Round 2: Olivieri misses a big uppercut and Augusto takes advantage with a nice combination of punches. They clinch up and trade knees. Olivieri gets one to the balls and the ref gives him time to recover. Fight continues and they're working in the corner again with knees. Olivieri lands a big knee and Augusto backs away. Olivieri lands a big body kick and follows up with a combination of his own. WOW! That opened up a big cut on Augusto's cheek. The ref stops the fight for a doctor to check it out and he calls the fight. Olivieri looked good tonight. Shame it ends like this.  

Official Result: Felipe Olivieri by TKO (Doctor Stoppage)


Cristiano Goncalves vs Guilhermo Alejandro Teze

Round 1: Goncalves puts Teze on his back and starts to work Guilhermo over. Teze is able to stand up but is quickly put back down on the ground. Gongalves takes his back and secures the quick choke. The BOPE in attendance are going wild. Great work by Cristiano Goncalves. 

Official Result: Cristiano Goncalves by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


Haroldo Bunn vs Johil de Oliveira

Round 1: Johil with some low kicks that don't connect. Bunn hasn't competed in eight years and ring rust will definition be an issue. Johil pushes Bunn to the ground and settles into full guard. Johil isn't working much but does manage a bit of a slam. Ref stands it up. Oliveira misses a round house kick. And a high kick. Ref again calling for action. Bunn presses forward and lands a couple strikes. Bunn with a superman punch but is taken down. Johil is working from the top with some heavy strikes. 10-9 Johil. 

Round 2: Early flurry by Bunn to open the round and Johil immediately looks to get the fight to the ground. He ends up on the bottom and the ref stands them up. Nice combination by Johil lands and backs Bunn up. Oliveira pushes forward and is taken down. He's working from his back. Bunn is trying to throw big punches from the top but can't connect clean on any of them. Bunn's face is pretty messed up and the ref is giving his corner a bit of time to clean it up. Crazy they're allowing his corner to ice his back and give corner advice. Fight continues and he's kicked in the dick right away. WOW that wasn't even close to landing clean. Awesome. The doctor is rubbing his groin. HAHAHA. Okay fight continues and Oliveira looks for a spinning kick which connects. A knee up the middle connects and Bunn is on his back. Johil lands some big shots from guard but Bunn is able to secure a leg to sweep. He can't keep the position and Oliveira gets the sweep again. The ref stops the fight to check the cuts again and the doctor stops it. 

Official Result: Johil de Oliveira by TKO (Doctor Stoppage)


Felix Mau-Mau vs Juan Pablo Cordoba

Round 1: The BOPE soldiers are going crazy chanting "You're gonna die!". I love Brazil. Cordoba gets the hip toss but is quickly swept. Mau-Mau is working from the side and the BOPE are going nuts. Mau-Mau gets mount and lands a couple solid punches. Cordoba is looking to hip out but that's not working. Mau-Mau is working an arm-triangle and he's got this locked up. BOOM! Cordoba taps and BOPE is 2-0 tonight. 

Official Result: Felix Mau-Mau by Submission (Arm Triangle) 


Jesse Brock vs Rodolfo Marques

Round 1: Diniz is working from the outside with his longer reach and kicks. Brock attempts a takedown but nothing happens with it. They both throw leg kicks at the same time and shins clash. Brock again tries a takedown but is punched in the face for his troubles. Diniz landing low kicks at will. Slow hook that Brock ducks. Brock times a kick and Brock grabs hold of his leg. Rodolfo is defending well and Brock loses the leg. Brock with knees to the thigh. Clinch fighting in the corner but the referee finally breaks them. Rodolfo moving light on his feet. His left hand is landing at will. Brock isn't committing to his strikes. Marques lands a big knee to the body as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Rodolfo Marques 

Round 2: Brock comes out this round looking for a takedown but Marques sprawls and is working for a crucifix. Brock escapes and the fight is back to their feet. Brock shoots again and gets Marques back. Rodolfo is working a kimura and when Brock drops to the ground, Rodolfo lands on top. Jesse is working for a heel hook. It's not likely he'll finish with it. Back to their feet and Brock is working high knees from the clinch in the corner. Marques pushes out and lands a massive right hand that drops Jesse Brock. Brock recovers and gets the takedown. He's swept with a kimura and Rodolfo is close to finishing as the round ends. 10-9 Marques.  

Round 3: Marques with leg kicks. On the third attempt Brock shoots in and tries for a takedown. Rodolfo defends well and works from the corner. He's comfortable working from the clinch. They separate and Brock again immediately looks for a takedown. He's secured Rodolfo's leg but he abandons the attempt after failing to get the fight to the mat. He backs away and Rodolfo is looking for the knockout punch. Brock fires back with his own punches and shoots in again. His wrestling just isn't working tonight. His inability to get the fight to the ground is the theme of the night. The ref breaks them and Rodolfo starts to open up. He lands a big knee and then a punch. Brock just isn't prepared for this fight. In the UFC this would earn him a win. In Shooto? It doesn't mean anything. With 20 seconds left Brock is looking for a big slam and Roldofo's head gets caught in the ropes. The round ends as Brock gets the fight to the ground. 10-9 Rodolfo. 

Official Result: Roldofo Marques Diniz by Decision (Unanimous) 


Eddie Hoch vs Hacran Dias

Round 1: Hoch with an overhand which misses and Dias clinches up. He gets the fight to the ground and works for mount. Hoch stands up and they're clinch fighting in the corner. He's leg tripped to the ground again and Dias has half guard. He steps over to mount but Hoch scrambles and back to half guard. Dias steps over and has mount again. Hoch gives up his back and Dias is working for an armbar. Hoch escapes and is back to his feet. He has Dias' back who is working for a kimura. Hoch again tries for a takedown but Dias lands on top. Again Dias steps over to mount. Hoch gives up his back and Dias is wroking for a choke. The crowd is going nuts and Dias gets the tap. Nice win by Dias. 

Official Result: Hacran Dias by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


Akbarh Arreola vs Ronys Torres

Round 1: Ronys with a nice right and then transitions to the takedown. He's working some big punches to Arreola's ribs. Arreola opens his guard and stands up. Torres is going buck with power punches and gets the takedown. Torres working from halfguard punching hte thighs and body of Arreola. Torres is working an arm but he can't do it with the rope getting in the way. Torres is looking to finish this submission but can't complete it. Nice technique displayed by Arreola to defend the submission. Torres secures mount and Arreola gives up his back. Arreola stands and dumps Torres off his back. He's now working over the legs of Ronys. The ref stands them up and Torres is just throwing heavy punches to the grill of Arreola. Torres get the fight to the ground and is working from top as the round ends. 

Round 2: Torres lands a big right hand. Arreola and Torres are trading and as Torres ducks for a takedown he's almost knocked out with a knee. Torres gets the fight to the ground and is working from the top. Arreola pushes off but that just gives Torres space to work from the top. Torres is working solid punches but Arreola is able to tie his arm up. Arreola throws his legs up looking for a submission but nothing comes of it. The ref stands them up and Arreola lands solid kicks to the body and Torres answers with punches. Arreola attempts another front kick to the body and Torres drives forward with a takedown. He's left himself in a triangle and Arreola is looking to lock it up and finish this fight. He's got 22 seconds left to submit Ronys Torres. Torres bullies his way out and has mount raining down punches. 10-9 Torres but wow, nice end for Arreola. 

Round 3: The men are trading leg kicks. Arreola comes forward with a knee. Torres responds with a head kick. He gets punched in the face and and shoots a takedown. On the way down he eats a knee and is lucky this fight isn't over. Torres working from the top and looking to just cruise to victory. Arreola is still dangerous off his back but Torres just powers through again. He's working to get mount but can't secure it and Arreola gets full guard back. Torres just going ape from the top with double hammer fists. He finally gets mount and the BOPE are yelling out at every landed blow. Torres gets a body triangle as Arreola gives up his back. Torres is just teeing off on his ribs and face with a minute left. Torres is just beating him up with the final seconds left. This is all but decided. Ronys Torres dominant in the final round. 10-9 Ronys Torres.  

Official Result: Ronys Torres by Decision (Unanimous) 


Glover Teixeira vs Marvin Eastman

Round 1: Glover lands a big shot. Eastman lands a 1-2. Eastman with a takedown and Glover dumps him outside the ring. Eastman with a right hook. Glover with two heavy shots to the body. Marvin answers with a knee. Glover with heavy shots to the body. I like the body work. They clinch in the corner and he's landing knees to Eastman's body. Eastman lands an uppercut and Glover backs away. Glover gets the fight to the ground and quickly secures mount. Marvin gives up his back and Glover secures a hook. Eastman is ducking out of the ring to break the action. He gets a warning from the ref. Glover is just teeing off with Marvin in the corner. Big knee to the body. And another. A left hook drops Eastman and he's out cold! Impressive win by Glover Teixeira.  

Official Result: Glover Teixeira by Knockout 

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