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UFC and Alistair Overeem Negotiating Says Dana White

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The story of Alistair Overeem, Golden Glory and Zuffa continues down a path that looks more and more like it ends with the talented heavyweight taking his talents to the UFC. After a messy divorce with Strikeforce involving claims by Zuffa that Golden Glory attempted to force the promotion to pay the camp directly, there was some talk that the UFC was in negotiations to sign Alistair over to the "big brand."

On the Dan LeBatard radio show, Dana White addressed the topic:

"We're talking to Overeem. When everything fell apart, you guys heard me come out and say, 'We can't do business with these guys the way these guys want to do business,' meaning his management. Well they've changed their opinions on how they can do business with us, so now we can."

While Overeem falling out of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix is absolutely a drag for MMA fans, the prospect of seeing him square off with men like Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez has to provide at least a little excitement.

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