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UFC 134: Rio - Dana White Video Blog, Part 2

UFC president Dana White is back with the second installment of his UFC 134 video blog. In this one, he's traveling all over the place doing press before heading to Brazil for the event. First off it's LA (with a Pinkberry stop of course), then NYC. Comedian Jim Norton makes a cameo outside the Opie and Anthony studio to make his UFC 134 picks. Then it's onto Miami, where Dana is shown on his cellphone talking smack about Bob Arum. A bunch of Spanish stuff Dana doesn't understand takes up a minute or so, then...onto Brazil.

Dana clears customs, then enters a room filled with UFC stars. We see pretty much all of Team Nogueira, Jose Aldo, and Royce Gracie. Dana spends a minute talking to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira about how he feels, then makes fun of Junior dos Santos' nose. Vitor Belfort is also there with his son. Forrest Griffin and Brendan Schaub are next on Dana's tour. He keeps getting everyone's weight for some reason (Big Nog is 242, Schaub is 240, Forrest is 216, Yushin is 89 kg or 196 lb, and Shogun is already on weight). The blog finishes up with a couple of minutes of footage from the pre-fight press conference yesterday. I would like to point out, for the record, that I want Shogun's Bad Boy shirt. It rules.

Anyway, the video's below. Check it out.


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