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Anderson Silva Not Fighting on November 12 UFC on Fox Card

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Dana White did an interview with MMA Fighting today in Rio while doing the rounds to promote UFC 134, and was asked about the rumor that Anderson Silva might face Dan Henderson in the main event of the first UFC on Fox show on November 12th. White immediately shot the rumor down. Here's what he had to say (transcribed by MMA Mania):

"It's not true. I saw that rumor too, yesterday I was cruising around on the Internet and saw that, it's not true. If he goes out and wins in 13 seconds, he's not considered for the FOX show. I'm working on (the main event for that show) right now. I can't (talk about it), you know me, I have to get the deal done and I have to know that both guys are going to accept the fight. Plus, saying that, even though I say that (Silva) won't fight on the FOX card, I'm watching what happens this weekend before I decide who's going to fight on FOX."

Honestly, the rumor seemed a little farfetched in the first place. Henderson is on record saying that his days at 185 are almost surely done, and such a quick turnaround for Anderson didn't make a whole of sense regardless of the outcome Saturday night. So, Dana has eliminated Anderson Silva and Brock Lesnar as candidates for the main event of UFC on Fox. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what White has up his sleeve.

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