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UFC 134: Anderson Silva's New Burger King Commercial

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva signed a slew of endorsement deals in Brazil recently, and the stuff he's promoting has already started to pop up. He was wearing a Corinthians jersey yesterday during his open workout, which is a Brazilian soccer team that sponsors him. Another one of his big deals was with Burger King in Brazil, and the first BK commercial featuring Silva is out. Even though it's a Brazilian commercial, you're not exactly going to need to know Portuguese to get the gist of things here. Watch and enjoy, courtesy of BK Brazil's Youtube page.

Obviously the timing of this is not coincidental, as it dropped just in time for Silva's title defense at UFC 134 this Saturday. He will be taking on Yushin Okami in the main event at the HSBC arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Anderson will be entering the cage with a Corinthians jersey on as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a little singing in the cage in his post-fight speech if he manages to be victorious.

There is actually a second commercial featuring Anderson on that page as well, which you can view here. Unless you speak Portuguese though, you probably won't get it.


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