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UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta Talks Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson on Fox

Dan Henderson blocks an Anderson Silva kick at UFC 82. <em>Photo by</em>
Dan Henderson blocks an Anderson Silva kick at UFC 82. Photo by

Yesterday, Tatame reported that the UFC was targeting a rematch between Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson to headline their debut on Fox. To make the November 12 date, Silva would first need to escape his middleweight title defense against Yushin Okami unscathed this Saturday at UFC 134.

Tatame, whose original report came on the heels of a forum post at the Underground, tracked down UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta:

What do you expect from UFC on FOX's first edition? Do you already have a main event set?

We don't have a main event set yet, we'll find out probably after this Saturday, these fights in Rio, then we'll set a main event. But it'll be something big. It'll be a big fight.

We reported this Monday that Anderson Silva could put his middleweight title on the line against Dan Henderson, one he beats Yushin Okami...

I would love to do that. Anderson just needs a win.

Fertitta doesn't go so far as saying that the company is officially targeting a Silva-Henderson rematch, though this might be as much of a public acknowledgement of their plans until after Saturday's fights.

Henderson hinted at his involvement in the Fox debut on Twitter. Silva submitted him with a rear naked choke in their first meeting at UFC 82.

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