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Who Wants to be WAMMA Champion? Buy The Original Belt!

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So have you ever wanted to be the champion of a make believe governing body in MMA? I know I have. If boxers can have fake belts, then MMA fans deserve the same. Well I got some great news for you. YOU CAN BE THE WAMMA CHAMPION! Yep! The original WAMMA title is now for sale on eBay for current low price of $1,595.00, which means you can own a piece of MMA history. 

For those that may not remember WAMMA, Brent Brookhouse will fill you in...two years in the past. To sum it up, WAMMA was a combination of notable writers and fighters who had the intentions of being a sanctioning body in MMA. They created their own ranking system which allowed them to create farcical championships to bring "legitimacy" to their organization. When originally questioned about their intentions, they told Brent they had no plans to charge sanctioning fees. Unfortunately, they contradicted this policy when they showed up at a ABC meeting with paperwork to become a sanctioning body. 

They then began discussing crowning WAMMA champions even though besides Fedor Emelianenko, there were no number one ranked fighter outside of the UFC. Things became ridiculous when they stated that a bout between Robbie Lawler and Matt Lindland could be considered for the best middleweight fighter in the world. They even threatened to sue Bloody Elbow because of a satirical fanpost. Finally things began to fall apart for the never great organization. Mike Lynch stepped down as COO and then soon after acting COO Sam Caplan and MMA legend Pat Miletich resigned as well. It took longer than most expected for the company to close up shop. The work of Brent Brookhouse probably was a major contribution to the fall of such a powerful organization.

So now, two years later, you the MMA fan can revisit all your favorite WAMMA moments! You can hold the belt upside down over year head! You can do other things! Sorry, there really weren't that many great moments in WAMMA history.

Anyways, if you want to be the undisputed WAMMA champion of the WOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!!! I'd suggest you bid now on eBay. 


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