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UFC 134: Forrest Griffin Reflects on His Light Heavyweight Title Win

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For those that have been following the former UFC light heavyweight champion's pre-fight blog, you will know that Forrest Griffin is having trouble staying motivated training for fights. It has many people concerned about his state of mind heading into his rematch with Mauricio Rua. However, there was a time when Forrest was known to be a gym rat and one of the hardest working fighters in the business. His unlikely victory over Shogun lead to a coaching stint on the Ultimate Fighter and a title shot against Quinton Jackson at UFC 86. 

To say he was an underdog would be one of the most obvious statements in the history of obvious statements. He was counted out when the fight was announced and no one thought he had the skill set to match up with the former PRIDE superstar. Jackson had made a career by being a hard hitting fighter with a solid chin, the polar opposite of Griffin. The UFC released the above video of Forrest Griffin reminiscing about this monumental fight in his career.