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Chael Sonnen Not Attending UFC 134, Lynch Mob Has to Wait

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Yesterday I posted about a Facebook event calling for the "Lynching of Chael Sonnen" in Rio. While the event was made as a joke by the creators, it is very much possible that some of those "attending" were looking forward to causing bodily harm to the outspoken middleweight. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view, they won't be getting the chance.

Yushin Okami's trainer's spoke with SPORTV and according to them, Chael Sonnen will NOT be in Okami's corner when he faces Anderson Silva for the middleweight belt. While there aren't any direct comments from trainers, the article states:

If the threat of lynching has changed the mind of Chael Sonnen, it is not known. The fact is that the American will no longer be coming to Rio according to the coaches of Japan's Yushin Okami, who arrived on Saturday. Sonnen will not be in the country for the event.

Disliked by most Brazilian fighters like Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, Lyoto Machida and the Nogueira brothers, Sonnen said in several interviews that he would come to Brazil for UFC 134. Yushin Okami, his teammate, will face Anderson in the main event of the night and Sonnen was expected in his corner. The American even said during the week he would come to Rio on Friday.

However, the coaches of Team Quest denied that the Sonnen has or will come to Brazil. According to a post by the official UFC Brazil twitter, Sonnen was just "trolling" and will not be in Rio for the fight. Sonnen has a fight scheduled for Oct. 8 at UFC 136 against Brian Stann, and will be focused on training for the occasion.

Well that pretty much answers the $64,000 question. Looks like Chael Sonnen has trolled everyone into believing he was going to actually be crazy enough to show up in Brazil. While it is wrong to speculate on why, it is known that he is still on probation from his Federal money laundering case. Those on probation are unable to leave the country, though I doubt that Sonnen is a flight risk. 

Sonnen trollando todo mundo @portaldovt Fórum: Internautas convocam para linchamento de Chael Sonnen than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


Above is the tweet from the Official UFC Brazil (Brasil) account which states "Sonnen trolling everyone". And thus concludes one of the best troll jobs in the history of trolling. Sorry Brazil, Chael Sonnen made you look silly. 

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