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UFC 134 Rio In-Depth Video Preview


The above video was released by the UFC to provide their "in-depth analysis" of UFC 134 this weekend in Rio. The video covers the first match up between Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami and what this rematch means for them today. Anderson's take on the first fight was that he didn't lose because he wasn't the one knocked out. Okami doesn't speak on the first fight but understands he is the big underdog going into Brazil.

The co-main event between Forrest Griffin and Mauricio Rua is being played up as a fight one of the greatest rematches ever. Unfortunately, the information that's come out lately that Griffen is having difficulty staying motivated these days takes away some of the luster. Rua has his own issues with his body shutting down. Rumors of an injury in this camp and just the overall damage to his knees, the fight loses a bit of the intended impact.

Perhaps the most interesting match up is Brendan Schaub and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at heavyweight. Schaub has built a bit of a name for himself as a legend killer while Nogueira is returning after what seems to be an eternity from a slew of injuries. This fight will either make Schaub's case for number one contender or Nogueira's last stand to prove he's still relevant at 265. I'm stoked either way for this fight. 

SBN coverage of UFC 134: Rio

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