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Rashad Evans: The Road to UFC 133

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Heavy MMA has produced something similar to a video blog for Rashad Evans as he approaches his UFC 133 main event matchup with Tito Ortiz. There have been two parts so far, and they're pretty solid. You get some good insight into what Rashad is thinking, and there's a lot of solid training

The first video starts off with Rashad's reaction to Lyoto Machida turning down the UFC 133 fight after Phil Davis withdrew. After showing a training montage, Rashad returns to the office to fight out that Ortiz has taken the fight. "Tito is the man" pretty much sums it up from Evans. You get to see Tito doing interviews, and hear from his striking coach. There's another training montage (which is a little cheesy to be honest), then Rashad cuts a 30 second promo on Tito as the first draws to a close.

The second video is a little lighter, following Evans to his appearances on Opie and Anthony and Jimmy Fallon. There's more training montages, but this one has a little more from Rashad himself, talking about the training camp and how he's feeling about everything. If you're already a fan of Evans, you'll likely enjoy this inside look. If you're not, it honestly might change your opinion of the guy a bit, so it's worth checking out. Both videos are ready to be watched after the jump.



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