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Keith Jardine Dropping to Middleweight, Wants Cung Le

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Former UFC and current Strikeforce fighter Keith Jardine is dropping to middleweight, and he has one name on his mind for a debut fight at 185 - former Strikeforce middleweight champion Cung Le. Le has been campaigning for a fight in the UFC, but Jardine wants to duke it out in a Strikeforce cage. He had a lot to say to MMA Weekly about Le:

"Just looking out there, they need to get a fight for me, and it needs to be a big named guy, I want it to be a big named guy. Looking at Strikeforce seeing who they’ve got and there’s not much bigger than Cung Le. I thought that would be a great match-up."


"He’s a stand-up fighter. Mousasi doesn’t count cause I had 8 days to train for that, but I want to fight a stand-up fighter, I’ve mostly been fighting wrestler/brawler types. I think it would be a real fun fight," said Jardine.

"Just to face a guy that you don’t really have to worry about the takedown that much, he’s just going to go in and throw a lot of kicks, and throw a lot of bombs, it just makes for a fun fight for me. A lot of my past few fights are punch, punch, defend the takedown. Sprawl and brawl."

The news that Jardine was dropping to MW completely escaped me in the first place, so this is quite interesting. Still though, it seems to me that despite what Scott Coker says, it's highly unlikely we'll be seeing Cung Le in a Strikeforce cage any time soon. So Jardine will have to look for another middleweight to tangle with. If he wants a standup fight, how about Robbie Lawler for instance?