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Video: The UFC on Fox Official Announcement Promo

In case you missed it, here's the promo video of the UFC on Fox announcement which was taken from yesterday's press conference.

HT: ironforgesiron

Here's a quick rundown of the announcements from the presser as summarized by our own Mike Fagan:

- Most of the major details were confirmed -- four events on the Fox network (plus six more live events on FX), a seven-year deal, Versus/Spike content moving to FX and Fuel TV.

- the Ultimate Fighter will now be a live show. Sort of. Episodes will air on Friday nights, and will include footage of what happened that week. (I believe the term Dana used for this was "jive live.") Fights will now air live on FX.

- Plans are in place to completely revamp the product -- new graphics, new intros, etc. Joe Rogan asked about the much-maligned gladiator intro, and Dana quickly confirmed it's death.

- The first show on Fox will come sooner than expected on November 12th. That is also the date Manny Pacquiao fights Juan Manuel Marquez

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