Fight cards: I love you for who you are. Please don't change.

 My good friend Fancy Dragon and I have just spent $300 each on some nice, right in the middle 1st level seats for UFC 136 in Houston. Although that cost is almost too much for me and my budget, I watched as the card got better and better and now that it's complete, I'd say it is certainly worth the money. (Sorry Battle on the Bayou, you didn't turn out how I hoped you would). Proximity is a plus as well. I live in Louisiana, only about 3 1/2 hrs away. We also have a place to stay at my Father's house. Throw in a fan expo and I'm sold. Very exciting.

 But as we all know, and these days, have come to expect, each card is always subject to change, usually due to injuries. I see cards develop like 136 and 137 and they seem almost too good to be true, leaving me to wonder who will Actually be there, ready to go come fight night. Crossing one's fingers in hopes that fighters don't get hurt before their fights is nothing new, but it is a little different when you're investing time and money to attend the actual event, compared to pitching in a few bucks and watching it on PPV.

 That being said, sometimes an injury can make a fight more appealing. Personally, I was very excited to learn that Nam Phan was replacing Josh Grispi vs Matt Grice at 136. But that's just me. I like Nam Phan and obviously I'd be pissed if I were a Grispi fan. It goes to show that for better or worse, you can't always count on seeing the card that you're being sold. And that right there is part of the game. It's bound to happen in combat sports, and it sucks when it does but overall, as fans of MMA, you can't deny that we're spoiled. There's no off season. Just month after month, all year round of fights to look forward to. It's great.

 In closing, I just want to wish all the fighters preparing for 136, and for that matter all fighters preparing for fights that I'm dying to see, a very healthy and productive fight camp.

 Oh and one final thing. I hear Dana is considering reshuffling some things in order to get what he needs for the Fox debut, and I just want to say PLEASE LEAVE 136 ALONE. I WANT THOSE TWO TITLE FIGHTS I PAID FOR!!


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