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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 3rd Week of August


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twitterverse



"I just wanted to share some very exciting news with my fans. Heidi and I are having a baby. I couldn't be happier. We can't wait to add a little one to our family along with our amazing kids Cade, Dannika, and Trista"  -Chuck Liddell, congrats!

"Wow! Have you ever not Checked the interweb in a few days, then next thing you know your supposedly fighting someone? Crazy how that happens"  -Phil Davis, just found out about those reports apparently saying he's likely to take on Lyoto Machida.

"Told you guys Benson would win, what do I know, I only fought them both..."  -Mark Bocek, on Ben Henderson's upset victory over Jim Miller.

"Thanks for the support guys, I gave it what I had but the better man won. Gonna take a little time off and get some learning done."  -Dan Hardy

"I cant find my car keys daughter was the last one who touched them. I think she ate them!"  -Chris Weidman

"I think I just committed my first crime in Milwaukee. -SMH"  -Danny Castillo

"@lastcall155 If you need to know a good place to dump a body, I got you"  -Daniel Downes, replying to Castillo.

"How to lose a bacon in 10 days ;) RT How to Train Your Bacon "  -Natasha Wicks, who as some people may already know, is working on something fun that is coming out in the next few days. Am I being vague?

"Time magazine names one of the 50 top websites of 2011... Ok, so Time magazine also named Bleacher Report one of the top 50 sites of 2011, so disregard that list as it's completely worthless."  -Luke Thomas



"In reality my loss doesn't mean shit. MMA lost a great man. RIP Shawn Tompkins! I trained wt him a few times. He was an awesome man!"  -Danny Castillo

"My friend, my mentor, my best man. Thoughts, prayers and efforts are with the Tompkins family."  -



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"Taking a cruise with Matt Hughes on his Harley Davidson."  -BJ Penn


"Assassins Creed ad featuring Bj Penn"  -BJ Penn


"Headed to train with Matt Hughes in Illinois. He's super funny expect something crazy from him!! ...Checking out Matt Hughes trophy room.... Gonna grab a MEAN workout with Matt Hughes, Jeremy Horn and Demarcus Johnson :) NICE!!!!"  -BJ Penn

"Derrick Rose - BJ PENN - Adrian Peterson"  -BJ Penn




"I think the real controversy should be over people expecting me to continue when I'm knowingly injuring a girl that's crying out in pain. I think mma would be worse off if there was a woman snapping someone's arm in half while they're screaming on national television... I don't regret my decision, I know I did the right thing"  -Ronda Rousey, talking about her decision to let go of the armbar. Our own Tim Burke also talked about the issue here.

"Big winner gets a visit from -



"Congrats 2 my lil bro @sergiopettis on his win!!!"  -Anthony Pettis, cornered his younger brother.


"UFC 3 me in the video game!!"  -Anthony Pettis



"Got to love a good old eye poke! :-)"  -Dan Hardy, yeesh.





"Todays question: Why go into TUF after ?"  -Joe Lauzon

"another food blog"  -Jon Fitch, it might be hard to stick to a vegan diet like this, but I have to admit, some of these look pretty tasty

"Just uploaded an video. Be sure to send me your questions and I will answer in a video like this!"  -Joe Lauzon, talks about a possible Lauzon Android App



"I be up in the gym...."  -Arianny Celeste


"Spin, yoga, meeting, Warrior screening :) good day palmer! me co hosting @FUELTV @Daily_Habit"  -Brittney Palmer


"@ hahaha people have time to do some weird stuff!"  -Natasha Wicks


"Jumpin outa the bush, hoping to scare the pants off some helpless hot-tub goers ;) "  -Natasha Wicks


"faux snow : p"  -Logan Stanton


"As far as physical features go, I have always appreciated this one. ;) Location:Sedona"  -Natasha Wicks


"With my homies @ariannyceleste @urijahfaber @showtimepettis"  -Chandella Powell


"Time to shoot! #korea!! #global!!"  -Arianny Celeste, who is in South Korea for non-UFC business, she probably took Chandella's phone by mistake as well.




"Told u he's a injection into heavy weight division ... Thanks for the opportunity ... & 2 clear up what i said RE . NOT a comparison of Sport. It's if u hate us (shaws) why give him back to us? So hence thank u"  -Jared Shaw

"Who’s this Dude, Tattooed, yet Suburban Grown, Whos this Dude Spittin Saxaphone Blues with the Hue of Ghost"  -Jared Shaw

"Artistic Vision Has Led Me To Rename Many Songs on the Upcoming COFFEE & CHRONIC VOL.1 ALBUM ... STAY TUNED...Had so much fun shooting this video. Be on the lookout for the video release date coming soon. Coffee... "  -Jared Shaw, I'M SO EXCITED!

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