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Diego Nunes Wanted to Fight Manny Gamburyan Due to 'Unresolved Issues'

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Manny Gamburyan was forced to pull out of his scheduled UFC 135 bout with Diego Nunes yesterday due to an injury, and it appears that no one is more disappointed than Diego himself. Nunes has apparently had issues with Gamburyan in the past that led him to actually request the matchup. He spoke to Tatame about it:

"It was a big surprise because I was really enjoying fighting this guy, with whom I have some unresolved issues with. I was sad because I really wanted it. From all fighters he's the one I still have unresolved issues with", stated Diego, explaining what happened.

"It that on that time in Colorado, (Jose Aldo) Junior fought him and I fought a local guy (Tyler Toner). When we were giving autographs, I was a little distracted and signed it on Manny Gamburyan's head. A guy from UFC said ‘not here' and I apologized because I was not concentrated. When (Gamburyan) was going to sign it, he saw my signature on his forehead and said it was disrespectful. They told me they were going to cut my finger so I would learn. Ed Soares had a huge argue with him. Since that day we don't really like each other. Gamburyan says too much, so I wanted to see him actually doing it".

It's too bad that we won't get to see the bout now. Personal issues add heat to fights and it's a little surprising to see the affable Nunes so fired up about anything. There still has not been a replacement named for Gamburyan as of right now.

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