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John Howard Campaigning for Fight With Dan Hardy

There are quite a few people that aren't overly impressed with the fact that Dan Hardy still has a job despite four straight losses in the UFC. One of them is John "Doomsday" Howard. Howard, who was recently released after three straight losses, is understandably a little peeved:!/JohnDoomsday/status/103208434048057345

He spent the rest of the night retweeting every positive comment that came his way, then decided to post a Youtube video explaining the situation in detail. Basically, he wants to fight Dan Hardy in the UFC:

The 28-year-old Howard (14-7) does have a point to a degree. Hardy is being kept around at least partially because Lorenzo Fertitta likes the way he fights. He's also popular in the UK, which counts for something. But Howard was released after losing to Jake Ellenberger, Thiago Alves, and very-late replacement Matt Brown. This was after winning four in a row in the promotion. I've never been a John Howard fan, and I realize that three of his four wins could have easily gone the other way. Howard hasn't been as exciting as Hardy, but he didn't even get the chance to lose four straight. Hardy should have to fight to keep his job, and he should be fighting guys in the same position as him. I think it's a bit "too little, too late" for Doomsday though.

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