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Jared Shaw Talks Kimbo Slice's Boxing Debut and Dana White

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Yeah, this guy again. (Photo: Esther Lin)
Yeah, this guy again. (Photo: Esther Lin)

Jared Shaw is not exactly what anyone would call a "fan favorite" in the MMA community. His behavior during the EliteXC run of he and his father Gary was a mix of borderline corrupt and fully embarrassing. The Shaws pinned their entire attempt at success in the MMA arena to Kimbo Slice and now they're doing it again. After Slice washed out of the UFC they launched his boxing career.

Slice (real name: Kevin Ferguson) won his debut handily, knocking out 0-1 James Wade in ten seconds.

Fight Hub TV caught up with Shaw a few moments after the win to discuss Kimbo's future. The video can be found after the jump, but here are some of the better quotes:

For the last three years? That's just a mirage. You think just 'cause he wasn't winning in MMA or knocking people out he wasn't born and bred for this sport you're crazy. If you really know both sports you know that in mixed martial arts you have a much more squared up stance, there's takedowns, there's kicks...he's got a lot of things to look for. Now he's just looking at two hands.


Kimbo Slice is here to make a statement, and as he just told me, he's got a plan. He ain't here to be a sideshow. He's here to knock people out, take names and build properly towards...hopefully, a heavyweight championship run.

At 37 years old, it's hard to imagine that Kimbo really has the time to "build properly" and the idea of a true title run, even with the multitude of titles in boxing, is pretty ridiculous.

On the ProElite resurrection:

I think they're a joke. I think my father called it right. I think T.J. Thompson has too much dye in his hair. He forgot that he used to run around stripping for men. And I think that if he's got anything else to say about how the Shaws ran it, he can come say it to my face.

I must admit I love the phony tough moments of $kala.

On Dana White:

Thank you, Dana White. You made a huge mistake and you, once again, made Jared Shaw smart.

The joke possibilities buried in those last four words are endless. Instead we can focus on wondering why, if Kimbo couldn't compete in the UFC, Dana White made a mistake.

Jared also talks about how Kimbo didn't get a full extension shot and how scary that makes his full punches. He then talks about how he is scarier and has more "killer instinct" than David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko (but does stress that he is not saying Kimbo is better than them). He also says Kimbo will return to the ring no later than October 15.

Scott Christ of Bad Left Hook talked about the October 15 date on his site recently

Gary Shaw Productions is co-promoting with Golden Boy at the Staples Center for the Hopkins vs Dawson show. There is really no chance that Kimbo winds up on the PPV portion of that show, because frankly I don't think HBO would even entertain the idea of airing the fight, or even showing clips, but I suppose you never know. And the date isn't set in stone anyway, so we'll see.

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