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UFC on Versus 5 Was a Playa Hater's Ball

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Let's cut the crap and just admit that a big part of the pleasure of watching MMA is in getting to see fighters you don't like much get what's coming to them. From the very first fight on Facebook, last night's UFC on Versus 5 was stacked with karma of the kind that makes me smile.


  • Edwin Figueroa hopefully putting an end to Jason Reinhardt's UFC run.
    I'm not a Jason Reinhardt fan. His padded record barely merited one shot at Octagon glory, much less three bites at the apple. Seeing him get himself mounted and beaten down in the second round was pure vicarious Facebook pleasure.
  • The end of Alex "Bruce LeRoy" Caceres
    It wasn't enough to see Bruce LeRoy shamed on the TUF show. This was a second and most delicious bite at the apple of hate. Alex faded in the second round against Jimy Hettes and found a way out. Tap tap tap.
  • C.B. Dollaway Catching a Beating
    What's not to like? Dollaway is actually someone I've become a fan of because of the way he's incorporated submissions into his already excellent wrestling game. But all that went to the wayside when I realized Dollaway shot his wad trying to beat Jared Hamman with an arm triangle. From there it was just a hugely satisfying ugly beating of an exhausted Dollaway. Sorry C.B. but I enjoyed every minute of it.
  • Amir Sadollah Getting Beat Up
    Amir is a nice guy. He's funny. He's charming. He won The Ultimate Fighter. He's been given a string of fights against one-dimensional and/or aging guys like Phil Baroni. Was pretty sweet to see him learn he can't handle Duane Ludwig's brand of Muay Thai.
  • Charles Oliveira Getting His Comeuppance
    It wasn't the most elegant karma for a guy who already had his last fight turned from a win to a No Contest due to a flagrantly illegal knee, but seeing Donald Cerrone just put him down and out evened the balance for me. I remain a big "Do Bronx" fan and look forward to his run at the featherweight title, but it was satisfying to see him eat some richly deserved leather.
  • Jim Miller Blowing It
    I'm a big Jim Miller fan but the guy fought like his fight IQ took a 50 point dive last night. He was in such a hurry to force the submission that he gassed himself, got out of position (repeatedly) and let Ben Henderson put a beating on him. Makes the title picture a lot more entertaining as Steve Goldberg put it.
  • Dan Hardy Wilting
    Do I really have to explain why I enjoyed seeing the mohawk wilt under pressure? Really? And seeing Chris Lytle get the finish that eluded GSP and take home 2 Fight Night bonuses was just the cherry on top.