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TWIQ: MMA Quotes for the Week of August 7 - 13

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"This is actually a pretty simple explanation." - UFC President Dana White, on Zuffa's release of anything Golden Glory. (MMA Mania)

"The bottom line is the way they do business is, you have to pay them, not the fighters. We don't work that way." - White. And if you've ever known someone who works in the entertainment business, you know there's a good reason for this.

"There was a contract in place and Golden Glory and Einemo honored the UFC rules including getting the check on the fighters name." - Golden Glory manager Bas Boon, on the UFC's deal with Jon Olav Einemo. Einemo's the kind of guy who likes to put his best foot forward. (MMA Mania)

"The payment was done how the UFC wanted and again we agreed and did the same as in Vancouver, so that matter was solved, so I do not understand why Dana claims we did not agree?" - Boon, whose name sounds like a Mortal Kombat boss character.

"I'm not trying to fight with Bas Boon. I don't dislike Bas Boon or any of the Golden Glory guys. ... If they've changed their mind, we can absolutely make a deal and get their guys in the UFC." - White, adding that he wants to emphasize the word "guys." (MMA Mania)


"And he's so cocky. He's so cocky. You think I'm cocky. He's real cocky. He's for real cocky. Like, I'm on camera, joking around cocky. He's like, goes to sleep, praising himself cocky. That's how cocky he is." - Rashad Evans, on Jon Jones. (MMA Weekly)

"[H]e has a tough fight ahead of him. If Rampage does his work, then he could actually do something. I think Rampage should come and train at my camp for this fight." - Evans

"Rampage does move like Frankenstein. He's not what he used to be in some areas, but I think if [Rampage] does catch him he could put him to sleep." - Evans. Frankenstein, of course, is the Swiss scientist in Mary Shelley's famous novel. Frankenstein's monster was never named, though he is currently on M-1 Global's shortlist as a possible opponent for Fedor Emelianenko.


"I want all my fans to know - don't worry about a thing. I got this. Training hard. This is the hardest I've trained in a very long time." - Quinton Jackson, who fight Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 135. (MMA Mania)

"Jon Jones is a good fighter, man, but the toughest person he ever fought [was] Vladimir Matyushenko. But I could tell Vladimir wasn't on his game that day." - Jackson

"And Shogun? Come on... That wasn't the same Shogun that won the belt." - Jackson, who listened to "Sandstorm" backward and heard "Shogun is dead."

"I ain't worried about his height, his reach. I ain't worried about none of that. I ain't worried about his crazy spinning elbow move, everything. We broke this guy down. It's going to be a good fight, no matter what." - Jackson


"I went out there and gave him an insane offer. Insane. And I'm so glad he didn't take it! Now that I've seen what's happened and how this thing has played out, I'm thrilled that he did not take that offer." - UFC President Dana White, on contract negotiations with Fedor Emelianenko back in 2009. Dana White is thrilled that Fedor nixed a deal that would have brought the UFC near two-million PPV buys for a Fedor vs. Lesnar main event. Yes, I believe that. (MMA Fighting)

"For the record? Vadummy, Vadummy knows...the deal that was offered to him, you know, and his f***ing guy who was some political guy laughed at the deal. I bet you're not laughing now, are you guys?" - White. You know, it's a shame that Dana White never gave Scott Coker a hilarious misnomer like "Scott Joker" or "Scott Cokehead" or "Scott of the Antarctic".


"I had that choke and I was like, 'Oh, I got it!' I slipped to the kneebar and I was like, 'Oh, I got it!'" - Tito Ortiz, adding, "Then I was punching him from my knees and I was like, 'Oh, I got it!'" (MMA Heat via MMA Mania)

"We consulted with Fedor and it was decided that he should not leave the sport in this way." - M-1 executive Vadim Finkelstein. God must have a lot of debts and a problem with potato spirits. (MMA Mania)

"Looking back it was only one strike to the back of the head, the other was on the side, its a fight and things like this happen sometimes unintentionally." - Vitor Belfort, admitting to his sinister actions at UFC 133. The commission should strip him of his win over Yoshihiro Akiyama, ban him from the sport indefinitely, and proceed with a criminal case for assault. (Caged Insider)

"I'm not stupid." - Brock Lesnar. And no one will tell you otherwise, big man. (

"I look at his interviews and it just makes me laugh, it’s just funny." - M-1 Director of Operations Evgeni Kogan, just getting wind of Charlie Sheen over in Russia. (Full Contact Fighter)

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