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UFC on Versus 5 Results - Donald Cerrone Stops Charles Oliveira With Punches

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Photo by Tracy Lee for <a href="">Y! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Y! Sports

WOW! Donald Cerrone is on fire. He started the fight slow as he normally does but after a minute, he was at his normal terminator pace. He landed a kick that looked a little low but on the replay it showed it wasn't directly to Do Bronx's groin. His striking looked far more dynamic and he landed a heavy punch to Charles Oliveira's guts that dropped the Brazilian fighter. Cerrone swarmed and got the stoppage just over three minutes into the fight. 

Cerrone entered the UFC with a lot of people thinking he wasn't ready for the big show. He never captured gold in the WEC and many felt that he would be out of a job quickly. Now 3-0 in the UFC, he looks to be one of the top lightweight prospects in the organization. 

Charles Oliveira is still a must see prospect but he's shown some big holes in his striking. He was slower than Cerrone and just not at the same level. After the debacle at the last Versus show, he needed this fight to rebound and show he is someone people should be serious about. Instead, he gets stopped by punches while on the ground. 

Zuffa now needs to shift their marketing to refocus on Cerrone and cool down on Do Bronx. Either way, they have a prospect that people must watch.