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UFC on Versus 5 Results: Edwin Figueroa Embarrasses Jason Reinhardt

Jason Reinhardt is perhaps more known for his awful "strength of schedule" that got him his spot in the UFC as anything. He faced long odds against Edwin Figueroa at UFC on Versus 5.

Reinhardt would circle well outside of his opponent's striking range for the start of the fight. Reinhardt would taunt repeatedly trying to get Figueroa to recklessly engage. Eventually he got hurt with a punch and Figueroa locked in a deep standing guillotine attempt but couldn't get the finish. Reinhardt eventually survived and got a takedown that allowed him to transition to the back where he was unable to do anything before Figueroa got on top.

Reinhardt began resorting to very sloppy takedown attempts as the tide of the fight turned and Figueroa busted him up on the feet. Eventually Reinhardt flopped to his back and spent the last 40 seconds of the round getting pounded to the head and body, even refusing to stand and waiting for the bell to end the round.

An exhausted Reinhardt came out in the second round looking to stay as far as humanly possible away from Figueroa. Edwin eventually reversed a takedown attempt to end up in mount and punched away as Reinhardt displayed the lack of skills that have had many questioning what business he has in the UFC.

With the win, Edwin Figueroa rebounds from his first career loss to Michael McDonald in his last fight.

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