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UFC on Versus 5 - Live Results and Play-By-Play

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As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC on Versus 5. The live blog will start with the beginning of the Facebook prelim stream (5:45 p.m. ET) continuing through the Versus broadcast (9 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

The event is headlined by a bout between Chris Lytle and Dan Hardy. This welterweight bout will be Hardy's final bout before retiring and promises to be full of action. Co-main event for the evening is a fantastic lightweight fight between Jim Miller and Ben Henderson. Lightweights Donald Cerrone and Charles Oliveira meet on the Versus broadcast in yet another contender for Fight of the Night. Opening up the Versus broadcast will be a battle between former Ultimate Fighter winner Amir Sadollah and Duane Ludwig.

Those fights plus eight bouts on Facebook make for a solid night of action.

Make sure to come back during the event and share your thoughts as the event goes down.

The Versus broadcast is live. First fight up shortly. Facebook prelim results are after the jump.

Amir Sadollah vs. Duane Ludwig - Round 1 - The men come out looking to strike and both land some punches and elbows before Amir pushes Ludwig into the cage and starts to look for the takedown. Ludwig turns Sadollah into the cage and both men work knees to the body before Amir drops down looking for the takedown again. Ludwig is getting the better of the stand-up thus far and Amir seems to know it. The right hand of Ludwig lands and a huge right behind it that badly hurts Amir. Ludwig is just wearing Amir out with body shots and working up to the head. 10-9 Ludwig.

Round 2 - Amir is getting countered by the straight right of Ludwig every time he throws. Amir is only comfortable when he throws the leg kicks because Ludwig has him beat with the hands and knees. Amir remains open to the left hooks and straight rights of Ludwig. Amir gets badly rocked yet again with a left hook and is forced to attempt a takedown that he is unable to get yet again. Ludwig shoots for the takedown out of nowhere, for no real reason. Amir sprawls out and Ludwig pushes him into the cage. 10-9 Ludwig again.

Round 3 - Amir finding a little more success with the kicks early and Ludwig is very tired. Amir's lack of power in his strikes is going to prevent him from really capitalizing. Right hook lands for Amir at roughly the halfway point of the round. Amir continually going to the head kicks in this round but he gets tagged with a combination by Ludwig. Ludwig continues to pop Amir as the round goes on and now Duane gets a takedown. 10-9 Ludwig for the clean sweep.

Official scorecards: 29-28 across the board for Duane Ludwig. Duane Ludwig wins by unanimous decision.

Donald Cerrone vs. Charles Oliveira - Round 1 - Oliveira with a head kick and Cerrone with a knee to the body. Accidental low blow on a kick from Cerrone and there is a brief pause in the action. Cerrone comes forward with two punches and a leg kick. Front kick from Oliveira to the body. Cerrone back to the inside leg kick and Oliveira back to the body kick. Cerrone keeps working the leg kicks and that opens up the right straight. Beautiful body shot by Cerrone hurts Oliveira and he goes to the ground. Cerrone follows him to the ground and unloads forcing the stoppage. Donald Cerrone wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Jim Miller vs. Ben Henderson - Round 1 - Henderson flashing the jab early and Miller looks to jab to the body. Miller lands a right hand in close. Henderson with a combo and Miller clinches up with him. Miller with an elbow and they remain clinched up. Miller locks up a standing head and arm triangle choke and jumps up looking to lock it up. Henderson remains standing and rides it out, dropping Miller to the ground once he tries to transition to the back. Miller goes to rubber guard from bottom and now Henderson starts working strikes before Miller pushes off. Henderson with a head kick that is blocked as they stand up. Miller switches to a kimura in the clinch and he almost finishes it but Henderson pops out. Miller looks to finish with a guillotine now and Henderson pops out. Henderson finishes with a few solid shots. Very good round. But I'd go 10-9 Miller.

Round 2 - Henderson being very aggressive early and he gets a takedown. Miller isn't yet able to shake Henderson but he is working rubber guard. Miller dives for a leg lock now and Henderson is defending well and lands a big elbow and some punches. Miller switches to a kneebar, and it is very deep. Henderson pops his leg free. Now Miller goes for a heel hook but Henderson starts tagging him with big strikes. Miller working for a kimura but Henderson is defending well. This is a pretty clear Henderson round. 10-9 Henderson evens it up on my card, but it's likely he is up 20-18 on the official cards.

Round 3 - Miller with a hook and then he eats a jab from Henderson. Henderson with two nice punches that land. Hard leg kick by Henderson. Left hand from Miller lands solid. Big left hand by Miller and Henderson drops! Henderson drives though though and gets the takedown. Henderson moes to the back and he locks in the rear naked choke. Miller is fighting it and Henderson gives it up and starts throwing punches again. Miller survives the bad ositions but he is on his way to a decision loss. Henderson looks for the guillotine before the end of the fight but can't get it. Miller comes forward throwing bombs to try for the KO and the bell sounds. 10-9 Henderson and the crowd is loving it.

Official Scorecards: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-26 all for Ben Henderson. Ben Henderson wins by unanimous decision.

Chris Lytle vs. Dan Hardy - Round 1 - Lytle with a right hand and then goes to the body. Both men landing some heavy shots early. Hardy probably landed the hardest shot of the round. Lytle is being a touch more consistent in going to the body and now wings an overhand right. Two solid shots land for Lytle. Hardy is getting hit a bit more cleanly but he is still having his moments. Lytle is probably doing enough to take the round with one minute left. 10-9 Lytle. Fun round.

Round 2- Back to the stand-up and Hardy hurts Lytle a bit and backs him up. Hard right hand by Hardy buckles the legs of Lytle. Now Lytle pushes him into the care. Now it's Lytle throwing huge hooks back at Hardy after an accidental eye poke. Big uppercut by Hardy and then a knee. Hardy with a takedown attempt for absolutely no reason and Lytle keeps it standing. More big shots by Hardy and this is his round with 1:40 left. Huge right hand by Lytle just misses and a left hand lands. Body shot by Lytle. Hardy with an overhand right and a body kick. Nice body punch by Lytle. 10-9 Hardy to even it up.

Round 3 - Both guys continue to throw. Lytle with a left hook that lands clean and then a beautiful body shot. Left hook by Lytle again. The left hook is landing with a bit more regularity. Lytle continues working over the body with punches and kicks. Hardy is firing back but Lytle is getting the better of this round as far as I'm concerned. Lytle lands some nice shots and now Hardy pushes in and gets a takedown for no reason. Lytle locks in a guillotine choke and Hardy has to tap out. What the hell was Hardy thinking shooting there? Chris Lytle wins by submission (guillotine choke), round 3.

Edwin Figueroa vs Jason Reinhardt

Round 1: Figueroa takes the center of the cage as Reinhardt circles away. Neither man has pushed the action. Reinhardt is egging Edwin on. Figueroa lands a stiff right that drops Reinhardt and then works for a standing guillotine. Jason defends and gets the fight to the ground. He transitions to Edwin's back and is working for a rear naked choke. Figueroa is able to turn in and stand up. A weak takedown attempt by Reinhardt fails. Figueroa responds with a heavy kick to the outside of Reinhardt's thigh. The fight is on the ground and Edwin is landing heavy shots from the top. Reinhardt looks tired and hurt as he continually rolls away from Edwin as the round ends. That was a clear 10-9 Round for Edwin.

Round 2: Failed shot by Reinhardt as the round begins. He's really working for this and can't get Edwin down. Edwin steps over and lands in mount. He drops some heavy bombs from the top and Reinhardt is rescued by the referee. This was a one sided beatdown. 

Official Result: Edwin Figueroa by TKO in 50 seconds. 


Jacob Volkmann vs Danny Castillo

Round 1: Volkmann is the first to attack looking for a clinch, Castillo shrugs him off. Castillo misses a head kick. Volkmann with a quick shot and he gets the fight to the ground. Has Castillo in half guard and he's working for a D'arce as Castillo scrambles. It's super tight but Danny survives and is now working from Volkmann's guard. Castillo is super heavy on top but Jacob gets back to his feet. Volkmann comes forward with a lazy punch that Danny sidesteps. Castillo attacks with a heavy kick to the body that gets a reaction from the audience and then follows it up with a takedown. Danny is working for this but can't put Jacob on his back as the round ends. Tough round to score but I'll give it to Volkmann for that choke. 10-9 Jacob Volkmann. 

Round 2: Before the round begins, that kick to the body that Castillo landed left a considerable bruise on the ribcage of Jacob Volkmann. Castillo comes out firing with a big uppercut that misses. Danny presses Jacob against the fence and gets a big takedown. Jacob has been working for another D'arce which he can't finish. Back to their feet with Danny still working the takedown. Again he gets the fight to the ground but Volkmann scrambles and puts Danny on his back. Jacob Volkmann is working an arm triangle from Danny Castillo's half guard. Volkmann is constantly looking for that D'arce choke but Castillo keeps surviving. Volkmann with another D'arce and this one looks extremely tight. With 10 seconds left in the round he can't finish the fight. 10-9 Jacob Volkman for the submission attempts. 

Round 3: Castillo looks like he knows he is behind on the cards. He comes forward with a solid combination. And follows it up with another solid kick to the body. Volkmann shoots in and Castillo scrambles out to remain on his feet. Leg kick by Castillo leads to a Jacob Volkmann takedown. Volkmann loves that D'arce choke. This is his 5th attempt I believe. This one looks tight and Castillo is surviving. Castillo spins out of it but Volkmann is relentless. This is a beautiful display of grappling by Jacob Volkmann but his inability to finish the D'arce is telling as well. Mario Yamasaki is threatening to stand it up as Volkmann has a tight choke. 10-9 Volkmann.

Official Result: Jacob Volkmann by Unanimous Decision


Cole Miller vs T.J. O'Brien

Round 1: O'Brien is the first to attack with a leg kick. Both fighters are having a hard time to get their range. TJ barely misses an uppercut which looks to have grazed Miller's face. O'Brien coming forward with a combination that backs Cole against the cage. O'Brien seems more comfortable on the feet with Miller looking robotic in his movements. Leg kick by Miller looks to have hurt O'Brien a bit. A heavy right hand stuns TJ and this fight looks to have changed. Big kick by Cole Miller to the head. Jab by O'Brien and a kick by Miller as the round ends. 10-9 Cole Miller. 

Round 2: TJ is the aggressor as the round begins. He's throwing nice combinations and finishes it up with a snap kick to the head. These two fighters are just trading and it is Cole Miller who lands the best strike, which drops TJ O'Brien. Cole is attacking from the top and transitions to a guillotine choke when TJ tries to stand up. Nice win by Cole Miller who finished the fight with a one arm guillotine. 

Official Result: Cole Miller by Submission (Guillotine Choke)


Alex Caceres vs Jim Hettes

Round 1: They don't wait to find timing. Hettes comes forward but Caceres is the first to land a significant punch. In the ensuing scramble it is is Caceres who is standing. Hettes threatens a leg lock but can't finish it. Hettes creates space gets Alex to the ground. Jim tried to step over but left too much space and Caceres swept him. This has been a super busy first round. Nice ground work by Hettes who trips Caceres up and then gets the takedown. Caceres threatens an omoplata and Hettes steps over. Caceres is on top and then both fighters are on their feet. A knee by Caceres and then the fight is back to the ground. This is an impossible round to score but I'll say 10-9 Hettes. 

Round 2: This round begins just as quickly as the first and Hettes hits a nice hip toss. He's looking for a choke but can't tighten it up. Caceres back to his feet but Hettes brings him back to the ground with a suplex as Caceres is looking for a kimura. This has been super busy. Hettes with an arm bar and triangle attempt but Caceres is able to stand up. Another big throw by Hettes. I think Hettes is bleeding as he's working for a crucifix. The fight ends with Hettes locking up a rear naked choke. Incredible fight by both men. 

Official Result: Jim Hettes by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


Karlos Vemola vs Ronny Markes

Round 1: These two immediately engage with Vemola looking to clinch up. Markes works over-under and has Vemola against the cage. They split apart and both men are just wildly throwing. Markes gets the fight to the ground and is working with Vemola's back against the fence. Vemola keeps regaining his feet but Markes is constantly bringing him back down to the ground. Markes is landing some nice shots to Vemola's face. Markes is putting on a wrestling clinic against the superior wrestler. The round ends with Vemola looking for a guillotine and Markes surviving the round. 10-9 Ronny Markes.

Round 2: Vemola comes out and looks for a takedown. He finishes it but Ronny Markes stands right back up. Markes gets the takedown and is working an arm triangle. Vemola survives and regains his feet but is dragged right back down. Markes is working him from guard and landing some nice punches. Vemola pushes off and gets back to his feet. Markes is just working him with knees while they are clinched against the fence. Beautiful trip takedown off a single leg and it is very apparent that the Czech Republic doesn't have a great wrestling program. This is a clinic that Markes is conducting at Karlos' expense. With 30 seconds left, Markes is working from side control and throwing elbows as the round ends. 10-9 Ronny Markes. 

Round 3: Vemola attempts a takedown and is stuffed. Markes turns off the cage and has Vemola on his back. This is ridiculous that Rogan and Goldie constantly try and sell Vemola as a top wrestler since he's looking like trash in MMA wrestling. Markes is working him on the ground with short punches and transitions to half guard. He finally steps over to side control and is now working big punches to the body. He spends little time in north/south but goes back to side control. This is a very one sided fight. Vemola looks awful and there's no future for him at 205 at this point. Markes ends the round with some arm punches to the body. 10-9 Ronny Markes.

Official Result: Ronny Markes by Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)


Kyle Noke vs Ed Herman

Round 1: Noke with a nice leg kick but Herman responds with a straight punch. Noke looks for a takedown and Herman wizzars to land on top. Noke pushes off and brings Herman to the ground. Herman is threatening an arm bar and then transitions to a triangle which he's trying to synch up. Herman is busy off his back working arm bars and triangles but can't finish either. Herman works a straight armbar and sweeps Noke. Noke survives and is back on top. He stands up and Herman looks for a leg lock. Ed Herman finishes the fight with a beautiful leg lock. WOW! This is a very different Ed Herman who is showing his submission skills. WOW! Ends the fight with a leg lock. 

Official Result: Ed Herman by Submission (Leg Lock)


Joseph Benavidez vs Eddie Wineland

Round 1: Benavidez opens up early with a quick leg kick. Wineland looks like he's having trouble adjusting to Joseph's speed. He lands a hard shot to Joe's eye that has caused some swelling already. Wineland is cut at his hairline and has blood trickling down his head. As Eddie comes in he is tagged by Joseph Benavidez who lands a three punch combo which looks to have rocked the former WEC champion. Wineland is now bleeding from his nose as well and this is definitely distracting him. Benavidez is sticking to the outside and landing leg kicks. A clear 10-9 round for Joseph Benavidez. 

Round 2: Wineland knows he lost that first round and is pushing the pace early. Benavidez is landing leg kicks and eats a punch right to the eye. Joseph backs up looking for time to recover but isn't given any. Wineland is back to the offensive. As Joseph pushes forward Eddie lands a short punch. Joseph Benavidez is looking for a takedown but is unsuccessful. The fighters clinch up and trade knees, but it is Wineland who is landing the heavier strikes. Benavidez finally gets the fight to the ground as the round ends. A closer round but I still see it 10-9 Benavidez. 

Round 3: These guys are back to throwing hard as the round starts. Benavidez is landing heavy with his right hand and clips Wineland. He does it again and this time backs Wineland up. He follows it up with a flying knee that lands clean but doesn't knockout Wineland. He's just landing his right hand at will. A fake takedown gets Wineland to commit to a hard sprawl. This fight is all Joseph Benavidez who shoots another takedown. Eddie Wineland sprawls and works a guillotine which is unsuccessful. This was the best that Joseph Benavidez has looked. He dictated the pace and distance against a better stand up fighter. 10-9 Benavidez. 

Official Result: Joseph Benavidez by Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)


Jared Hamman vs C.B. Dollaway

Round 1: Dollaway is hurt early by a Hamman leg kick. Hamman's stand up is vastly improved and he's just picking C.B. apart at range. Dollaway closes the distance and gets the takedown but is unable to keep the fight on the mat. Dollaway is just riding Hamman's back and drags the fight back down to the ground. He gets mount and then transitions right to an arm triangle. Hamman survives and has Dollaway in guard. He looks for a triangle but C.B. postures up and drops hard shots from the top. Hamman stands up and CB shoots for a takedown. Hamman defends well and ends up on top working punches to the body. Big elbow by Hamman. He passes to side control and mounts CB Dollaway. Dollaway back to his feet and stuns Hamman with some big shots. Hamman somehow survives and the round comes to a close. 10-9 Dollaway. 

Round 2: Hamman is the early aggressor landing punches in bunches that are keeping CB on the defensive. A knee attempt allows CB to tie him up for just a moment but he can't hang on to Hamman. With the fight on the ground and Hamman relentlessly dropping punches from the top, he has CB Dollaway in a mounted crucifix. CB is mounted and defending well. While these punches aren't landing hard, these are just a constant barrage and keeping Dollaway at bay. CB wasn't defending himself and Herb Dean stops the fight after what seemed like 300 punches to CB Dollaway's face. Nice win by Jared Hamman in his middleweight debut. 

Official Result: Jared Hamman by TKO (Referee Stoppage)