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Video: Jens Pulver TKO's Coty Wheeler On Bantamweight Debut

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At 36 years of age, Jens Pulver made his first drop to bantamweight. The former UFC lightweight champion hasn't enjoyed much success these past few years, but last night, the former UFC lightweight champion had his hand raised once again. He knocked out WEC veteran, Coty Wheeler on the second round of the co-headlining bout of MMA Fight Pit: Genesis.

After losing 6 straight fights at one point, 'Lil Evil' is having a pretty decent year so far. He definitely isn't the same fighter he was during his prime, but this successful 135 lb. debut now puts him with 3 wins on his past 4 fights.

Check out footage of the fight below:

UFC veterans Junie Browning, Jamie Yager, Razak Al-Hassan, and Houston Alexander also competed on the MMA Fight Pit: Genesis card. Check out the fight videos after the jump.

Junie Browning vs Jacob Clark:

Jamie Yager vs Willie Parks:

Houston Alexander vs Razak Al-Hassan