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Video: Kimbo Slice Wins His Pro-Boxing Debut In Just 10 Seconds

10-seconds. That's all it took for the former YouTube star and UFC fighter to win his pro-boxing debut in devastating fashion. Kimbo Slice landed a huge right hand that put James Wade out, and left him lying motionless on the bottom rope.

This makes the 39-year-old Wade, 0-2 for his boxing career, certainly a sign that he should probably consider calling it quits. Slice on the other hand, looked good on his debut, and while he never really showed one-punch KO power during his MMA career, he did just that on this fight.

Check out the video:

Jarad Shaw of course, celebrated on twitter and even had a few strong words for UFC president Dana White:

Told u he's a injection into heavy weight division ... Thanks for the opportunity @danawhite #dumbless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply


His next return to the ring is penciled in for October 15. While things aren't finalized yet, that is also the same date as Hopkins vs. Dawson.