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Dana White Responds to Bas Boon and Golden Glory - 'We Can Absolutely Make a Deal'

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The story continues. When we last left off the ongoing saga of the UFC and Strikeforce firings of fighters from the Golden Glory gym, Golden Glory's Bas Boon made his first public statement on the issue. Boon made it clear that he was ready to renegotiate and accept the payment terms of the UFC and Strikeforce, and that they still wanted to get Alistair Overeem into the UFC.

Now, Dana White has responded, and he's very clear - Golden Glory did refuse to work with them on the payment issue, but if they are now willing to compromise, Dana is ready to work out a deal to get Golden Glory fighters back into the UFC and Strikeforce. Here's his direct response to Boon, courtesy of an interview with Ariel Helwani conducted in the lead up to UFC on Versus 5. Transcription comes via MMA Mania:

I'm not trying to fight with Bas Boon. I don't dislike Bas Boon or any of the Golden Glory guys. There's never been some kind of situation where there was some kind of fight between us and Golden Glory. I have no resentment whatsoever towards Golden Glory. I've seen Bas Boon a million times. He's a nice guy. We just had different business opinions on how things should be done. He knows and I know and everybody over there (Golden Glory) knows...even the fighters. I don't give a s--- what they tweet, what they take pictures of or what they say. They f------ know exactly how it worked and we would not do it that way. Now if Bas Boon is saying that this is the way that we can do it, then we can absolutely positively make a deal and we can get this thing rolling again.

And, just in case there was any confusion, he makes his point once more:

If they've changed their mind, we can absolutely make a deal and get their guys in the UFC.

It's been interesting to follow this story, which has now become, essentially, a very public contract negotiation, with both sides handling their negotiations through media outlets. With this last response, Dana puts the ball back in Golden Glory's court, basically calling them on the contract issue. It seems that if Dana will indeed have them back, it would be a wise move for Golden Glory to change their normal practices, as the upside of having fighters in the world's biggest MMA organization far outweighs the negatives of changing the gym's policy.

One thing you have to say for Golden Glory in all of this - regardless of the final outcome, they have definitely managed to increase the visibility of the gym in the US MMA market. And if United Glory is indeed expanding into the US market soon, that visibility could be a valuable asset.

Check the full entry for the complete interview with Dana.

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