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Strikeforce's Ronda Rousey Wants to be the New 'Face of Women's MMA'

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If you've never heard of Ronda Rousey before now, you're missing out. She has some seriously formidable credentials and is making her Strikeforce debut tonight at Strikeforce Challengers 18 when she takes on Sarah D'Alelio. Ronda made the US Olympic Judo team at 17 years old, and won a bronze medal four years later at the 2008 Beijing games. Since switching over to MMA, her stats are pretty incredible - 3 amateur fights, 3 submission wins in 23, 57, and 24 seconds respectively. She has two pro fights, and the stats sheet looks exactly the same - 2 fights, 2 submission wins in 25 and 49 seconds respectively. Impressed yet?

Rousey did an interview that was posted on Strikeforce's Youtube page and while she was straightforward about what she hopes to accomplish in her fight against D'Alelio, she's definitely aiming to be much more than just a Strikeforce Challengers fighter. Here's what she had to say:

"For this fight my goal is to go in and win. Make it look good, make it look entertaining, and look good while I'm at it. I wanna, you know, try and bring a lot more attention to women's MMA and what I really think we need right now is, you know, a face of the sport that people actually wanna look at. So I'm gonna try my best to be that person."

Here's the interview. We'll find out what she has in the cage tonight, and you can assess for yourself whether you believe she can achieve her aspirations to become the new face of WMMA.