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UFC 135 Video: Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson Says Jon Jones 'Can't Bust a Grape'

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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is all set up in Denver, Colorado for his training camp as he prepares to face UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones for the title at UFC 135 on September 10th. He posted a video "for his fans" today that sees him discussing his fight with Jones, and his setup at the gym, where he's actually living. Rampage seems pretty chill, and he's telling his fans to relax too:

"I just want all my fans to know - don't worry about a thing, I got this. Training hard. This is the hardest I've trained in a long time. I'm taking it very very serious. Don't worry about all that stuff that people saying out there. You guys don't worry about nuthin'. I just want you guys tuning into the fight, staying positive, and seeing me winning this. You my fans. You want me to win? Don't worry about nuthin'. I got this. Y'all gonna see the best Rampage you seen in a long time. I'm gonna deliver on that."

After showing off his room for a bit and talking about who Jones has fought so far, he has some stuff to say about what Jones does in the cage:

"This guy's never been tested, never been him. I ain't worried about his height, his reach. I ain't worried about none of that. The guy can't bust a grape. Ain't worried about his crazy, like spinning elbow moves, everything, you know what I'm sayin. We done broke this guy down. It's gonna be a good fight, no matter what. I'm comin 100%."

He also discusses who his "real fans" are. It's actually pretty interesting in a Rampage kind of way.

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