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Cage Warriors 43 Live Stream, Results and Preview

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We may have to wait until the end of the month for the next major MMA card under the UFC - Strikeforce banner, but there's plenty of other events going on all the time around the world. If M1 didn't give you enough of a fix this weekend join me at 7 p.m. GT / 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT for live results and dicussion of Cage Warriors 43 from the HMV Forum in London, England.

Available to watch free online at the Cage Warriors website, the Cage Warriors Facebook, or right here on Bloody Elbow the event is headlined by UK No# 11 ranked Middleweight Jack Mason taking on No# 10 European ranked Middleweight Norman Paraisy. Paraisy is a French fighter who failed to win his preliminary match to get into the house on the 11th season of The Ultimate Figther and also lost to former UFC champion Dave Menne in a hotly contested Bellator FC match at Bellator 4 in 2009. However Paraisy is coming off the biggest win of his career after taking a decision victory against Paulo Filho at X-Combat Ultra in Brazil back in May.

Mason is a crowd pleasing fighter who aims to finish either by submission or Knockout. Having won 10 of his last 12 bouts Mason is coming off of a decision win at the end of April.

The co-main event sees the perfect 9-0 Joseph Duffy take on Francis Heagney in a lightweight scrap between two Irishmen. While Duffy was unable to make it on The Ultimate Fighter season 12 his professional record remains in tact and the 23 year old is building his experience and becoming a promising prospect. Heagney will be a good test for Duffy, winnins 3 of his last 4 fights and having beaten TUF 8 veterans Wes Murch, Brad Wheeler and current UKMMA champion Tim Radcliffe.

Embedded Stream and main card after the jump

Main Card

Jack Mason vs Norman Paraisy (Middleweight Fight)

Round 1: Paraisy is in black shorts with white blaze, Mason is in White shorts with red blaze. Paraisy starts with a straight right and a flick front kick. Mason attempts a takedown but Paraisy defends. Wild right from Paraisy that misses. Otherwise a feeling out period between the two until Paraisy swings again as he comes in but misses. Mason drives Paraisy into the fence and they clinch briefly before breaking. Back against the fence and a break. Mason looks tentative and Paraisy looks relaxed. It's a pretty inactive and inconsequential round so far and hard to score for either fighter. Paraisy tries a jumping knee but is too close and Mason pushes him away. Both throw and hit each other's chest and shoulders while Paraisy looking for a front backhand. Paraisy tries to mock Mason and throws a kick only to slip on the gorund but Mason can't capitalise. Back to their feet and still very little going on. Paraisy is controlling the distance in the cage. End rounds and it looks like a half hearted sparring session. My score 10-10 draw.

Round 2: Bit more active start to this round and Paraisy is making a much better effort to aggressively move forward and land solid strikes. Mason still looks off and doesn't seem to be able to pull the trigger. Paraisy even turns to his corner for a second to communicate before fighting again and Mason does nothing. Mason looks like a deer in the headlights and Paraisy is showing he has no respect for Mason's ability. Mason just looks stiff and frozen but Paraisy isn't pushing to take advantage. Mason lands a punch that bloodes Paraisy which seems to wake him up briefly as he goes in and tries to strike hard. Mason lands a short left and Paraisy is finally beginning to take the fight a bit more seriously. Paraisy changes level and shoots, Mason pulls guard for a guillotine but Paraisy clears his head and lands some shots. Commentary say they give it to Mason but I don't see how. Moderately better than the first, but not by much. My score 10-9 Paraisy.

Round 3: Paraisy comes forward and is becoming more aggressive but the commentary is being a bit biased towards the Englishman. Paraisy is still throwing the strikes with Mason doing little in return. Paraisy shoots for a takedown and again Mason tries for a guillotine but lets go. Inactivity on the ground and the ref stands it back up. A short exchange, more biased commentary and a takedown attempt from Paraisy that's stuffed. A flying knee lands to the body and Paraisy mercifully finishes on the ground with ground and pound. An end to an otherwise awful fight for a main event. Norman Paraisy wins by TKO (ground'n'pound) in Round 3.

Joseph Duffy vs Francis Heagney (Lightweight Fight)

Round 1: Duffy is in Green shorts, Heagney is in Brown shorts. Duffy takes the center of the cage and throws some strikes. Heagney shoots for a takedown but Duffy pulls guard and attempts an arm-in guillotine. Heagney gets his head out and looks to control while Duffy controls with a closed guard and throws some pointed elbows. Duffy has an overhook looking to attack with a Kimura, then switch to the otherside and gets a sweep but no finish. Duffy is now on top triangling Heagney's legs. Heagney moves to side control and tries to tie up the arm but Heagney is able to get up. Duffy keeping the pressure on driving Heagney into the fence. Duffy has double underhooks but can't do anything with it and Heagney is able to get an overhook in. Heagney gets Duffy's head in an arm-in guillotine and pulls guard. It starts standing and goes to the ground and Duffy is fighting hard to avoid the choke. Heagney eventually lets go burning his arms out, Duffy is now back on top while Heagney ties his arm back. Great composure from a close choke. Back to their feet and Duffy still looks good, drops Heagney with a leg kick, rishes in but gets taken down and ends up on his back. Duffy has a single elevator and tries a sweep but goes back to dull open guard. End of round 1 and despite the close choke Duffy did enough to score with striking and grappling in my opinion. My score 10-9 Duffy

Round 2: Duffy starts aggressively and pressure Heagney. Heagney tries to shoot and gets stuffed. Both are trading shots Duffy landing the most but Heagney gets some through of his own. Heagney gets a takedown and it appears Duffy is bleeding from above his right eye. Duffy looking for a triangle but gets shaken off. Heagney in top half-guard looking to control and land some short punches. Heagney lands some short elbows and Duffy works to retain full open guard. Heagney passes to half guard and looks to pass to mount but can't get there. They're against the cage on the floow and Heagney is looking to do enough and grind Duffy to prevent being stood up. Heagney looking for an arm in guillotine from the top but can't get the grip. Duffy butterfly elevates and sweeps Heagney with a minute left in the round. Duffy on top half guard and is looking to posture and strike. Heagney looks to get a takedown in a scramble but Duffy pulls guard and drops with a guillotine that looks close but Heagney gets out. Much closer round but not close enough for a draw in my opinion. I can see this going to Heagney. My score 10-9 Heagney.

Round 3: Duffy lands a 1-2, then a superman punch and looks to get a takedown. Duffy on top and in side control keeping his knees in close to block Heagney. Duffy tries to mount but Heagney goes to turtle and latches onto a leg looking for a takedown. Back to their feet as Duffy defends but they still clinch and Heagney drops for another takedown attempt against the fence. Duffy is able to spin to the back and gets one hook in while havign a 2-on-1 grip on Heagney's arm. Duffy has both hooks and tries to attack but loses position partly blocked by the cage. both are back to their feet and Duffy comes in putting pressure on Heagney and even tries a standing side kick. Heagney is fatigued and struggles back to his feet after a failed shot. Heagney punches to the head and drops to a takedown but Duffy spins and looks to control a leg for a submission. Duffy is back on top driving Heagney into the fence on the mat. Inactivity causes a stand up and Duffy is still the fresher man. Duffy stuffs a shot and throws some heavy punches on the ground. Duffy ends the fight on top and should take the decision. My score 10-9 Duffy.

My score 29-28 Joe Duffy. Judges official score 30-27, 29-27, 30-27 for Joseph Duffy.

Brad Wheeler vs Ian Entwistle (Lightweight Fight)

Round 1: Entwistle is in Dark Blue shorts, Wheeler is in Black shorts. Entwistle throws two kicks, Wheeler catches the third and takes Entwistle down. Entwistle using s knee shield to try and keep Wheeler off of him and give him space to look for a leg lock but can't find one. Back to the feet and the taller Wheeler doing better in the clinch. Wheeler muscles him into the fence before sperating, Entwistle tries to get Wheeler into the fence and looking for a takedown. Wheeler tries a whizzer throw but Entwistle defends. Entwistle is desperate for takedowns but Wheeler is defending. Entwistle shoots low and puts himself in an armbar, Wheeler switches to a sitting inverted triangle and locks it on tight causing Entwistle to tap. Brad Wheeler wins via submission (inverted triangle) Round 1.

Andreas Kraniotakes vs Dave Keeley (Heavyweight Fight)

Round 1: Keeley is in White and Red shorts and is nearly 7 foot tall. Andreas is in White shorts with Black trim and blaze. Andreas tries to come in with an overhand right. Andreas looks to leg kick, Keeley comes in to clinch but Andreas drops levsl and gets a takedown with an inside trip. Keeley active from the bottom with long legs though and almost has an armbar followed by an omoplata. Andreas able to roll through just about get back up and take Keeley back down. Keeley looking for a Kimura from bottom but Andreas defends and is on top in half-guiard. Keeley trying to lock down Andreas while taking some shots to the head. Andreas stands and Keeley tries the classic White Belt sweep.but fails as Andreas kneels back down and keeps his balance. Andreas passes to half-guard and looks to pass to mount. Andreas gets mount and locks an armbar on Keeley as he tries to buck him off and uses the extra long lever to his advantage. Andreas Kraniotakes wins by submission (armbar) round 1.

Brett Sizeland vs Craig White (Middleweight Fight)

Round 1: Craig White is in Black shorts, Brett Sizeland in Green shorts. Sizeland jabs and throws and overhand right using it to setup and score a takedown. Sizeland in White's guard looking to land shots while fighting to break White's wrist grips. Sizeland landing shots on the smaller opponent who doesn't cut to make Middleweight. White appears busted up bus is staying active on his back looking to throw up a sub attempt. Sizeland has White pressed against the fence on the ground and White is getting bloodier as the fight goes on. On closer look it now appears Sizeland is bleeding and its dripping onto White. Sizeland is throwing hard strikes inside White's guard and White is forced to move and clinch tight. Sizeland passes to half-guard and then to side control before looking for a mounted crucifix. Sizeland has White's back and is pounding over and under the arms into the face of White before locking on a rear short-choke and getting the tap. Brett Sizeland wins by submission (rear short-choke) in Round 1.

Preliminary Card

Artem Lobov vs Steve O'Keeffe (Featherweight Fight)

Round 1: O'Keeffe is in White and Yellow shorts, Lobov is in White shorts. O'Keeffe skips back and throws a punch before covering up and shooting for a takedown landing in Lobov's half-guard. OKeeffe looks to pass but Lobov is able to regain full guard. Lobov has an overhook and clinch control and tries to spin over for an Omoplata but gets squashed down. Lobov is able to sweep but Okeeffe locks on an inverted triangle and tries to work the arm. Lobov eventually escapes and stays in North-South control. Okeeffe tries an inverted reverse triangle but Lobov escapes and moves to side control, Okeeffe landing a sweep and getting on top side control. Okeeffe a little wild with his strikes and lands an elbow to the back of the head costing him a point by the referee. Fight continues from same position and OKeeffe tries to mount only gets his legs caught by Lobov. OKeeffe tries to work a mounted crucifix but allows too much space and both are back to their feet. OKeefe smiles and shoots getting another takedown working on top of Lobov. With the point deduction it'll be an even round. My score 9-9 draw.

Round 2: OKeefe tries to open things up with a tornado kick that slaps Lobovs hand. OKeefe is looking to stay on the feet and land kicks against the Russian. Lobov manages to land some wild punches and lands a bodyshot that crumbles OKeeffe. OKeeffe is in trouble but hanging on as he's covering up. Lobov landing shots and tries to control on the ground. OKeeffe is recovering and regains full guard. Lobov tries to lands shots inside guard, Okeeffe is working his way on bottom looking to submit from the bottom. Lobov landing some elbows to the head and body, and some are blocked. Lobov stands and partially slams OKeeffe who holds a strong closed guard. Back to the feet and Lobov coming in with more wild shots while Lobov is bleeding from the nose. OKeeffe is covering up and smiling. OKeeffe tries a shot and gets stuffed and Lobov front headlocks and gets behind Okeeffe and bizarrely puts his hooks in as if putting on wellington boots. Lobov has the back with both hooks and tries to choke but doesn't get anything as the round ends. Clear round for Lobov who took over after the bodyshot but this is one sloppy slugfest. My score 10-9 Lobov.

Round 3: Lobov comes in with more looping punches and OKeeffe is just covering up. Lobov has the plumm and looks to knee the body. OKeeffe manages to land a shot himself that drops him, OKeeffe jumps on his back and looks to lock in a tight choke but Lobov is reusing to give in. Lobov ends up going to sleep and OKeeffe mounts a comeback after a trouble second round. Steve O'Keeffe wins by technical submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 3.

Ben Crook vs Adam Edwards (Bantamweight Fight)

Round 1: Crook is in the Blue and Red shorts, Edwards is in the Green shorts. UFC veteran referee Marc Goddard. Edwards throws a kick that's easily caught and eats a punch. Both guys clinch up and Edwards trips Crook passes guard and mounts and looks to set up an arm triangle. Edwards shifts his hips on mount and tries for the armbar, then goes for s-mount to finish off an armbar from the other side. Adam Edwards wins by submission (armbar) Round 1

Olivier Pastor vs Niko Gjoka (Featherweight Fight)

Round 1: Pastor in Grey and Black Stripe shorts, Niko Gjoka is in White shorts. Pastor opens with a rear inside leg kick and after a short feeling out process tries again but misses as Gjoka skips back. Both try to jump knee each other, both trade measured kicks at a more methodical pace. Pastor is starting to use his size advantage and put more power into his leg kicks and muscling Gjoka when they clinch. Gjoka's face is busted up and his legs already look red. Pastor shoots and nearly has Gjoka's back as the round ends in a very clear cut round for Pastor. My score 10-9 Pastor.

Round 2: Pastor's long legs keep finding their mark on Gjoka's stopping the smaller guy from getting on the inside. Both guys clinch against the fence with Pastor pressing Gjoka before breaking and landing a strike. Gjoka shoots for a low single and manages to get Pastor down easily. Pastor tries an arm-in guillotine from Half-guard and Gjoka seems to be doing little to escape though is in no apparent danger. Gjoka ghets his head out but Pastor regains full open guard. Pastor tries to isolate Gjoka's right arm but is unable to so lands a couple of elbows from the bottom.Gjoka stands and Pastor gets wrist control, Gjoka kneels back down but Pastor is able to reach inside and rotate himseld out and ends up on top of Gjoka. Pastor is controlling Gjoka on top half-guard and lands some methodical Ground 'n' Pound. Pastor may have got taken down but he ended up back on top and did damage. My score 10-9 Pastor.

Round 3: Gjoka looking a mess, both fighters start the round with the dreaded Bro Hug. Gjoka with a very telegraphed takedown attempt that Pastor shrugs off. Pastor controlling distance and lands shots and drops Gjoka as he tries to go in for a takedown. Gjoka on the bottom in guard with an overhook but is unable to do anything with it. Gjoka looking for an armbar and almost rotates enough to lock on but Pastor is able to get out. Pastor is leaving his hands on the ground asking to get subbed but Gjoka doesn't have the ability or gas tank. Pastor lands shots and Gjoka can't defend himself to the satisfaction of the referee. Not a dominant finish but Gjoka was doing very little and doesn't seem to be complaining. Olivier Pastor wins by TKO Round 3.

Danny Roberts vs David Howell (Welterweight Fight)

Round 1: Howell starts thins off quickly with a body kick followed by a low blow and the action halts already as the ref gives Roberts time to recover. After the restart Howell drives Roberts into the fence and clinches. Howell is in the Gray camo and black shorts while Roberts is in the Black only shorts. Both are trading from the clinch, Roberts with the Thai Plumm landing knees to the body. Howell presses Roberts into the fence again to stem the attack. Roberts lands some knees from the high double underhook clinch steering Howell's shoulders. Howell tries a trip but doesn't get deep enough. After another exchange Roberts gets Howell down and is in top half-guard. Roberts passes and briefly flirts with Broken Scarfhold side control before going back to normal crossbody. Hard shots to the body and they're back on the feet, Howell going for an armbar that Roberts slams out of following up with Ground'n'Pound. Hard fought round but with Roberts landing better and doing more damage on the ground and on top. My score 10-9 Roberts.

Round 2: Both guys start almost as hard as the first round. Howell with the Plumm and some knees, Roberts ragdoll hip throws Howell to the ground. Roberts is landing shots from top half-guard again and briefly attempts a Kimura. Howell manages to slip out and get back to his feet as Roberts looked to control more. Back to the over-under clinch with Howell muscling Roberts around the ring. Roberts lands knees from the clinch and gets an eventual fight stopping knee shot to the liver sending Howell slumping to the canvas. Danny Roberts wins by TKO (knee strikes) Round 2.

Main Card (also on Sky Channel 433 Premier Sports at 9 p.m. GT for those in the UK)

Middleweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Jack "The Stone" Mason (15-7-0) Team Tsunami vs. Norman Paraisy (9-1-1-1nc) Team ABS

Lightweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Joseph Duffy (9-0-0) Falcon Martial Arts vs. Francis Heagney (9-4-0) London Shoot

Lightweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Brad Wheeler (5-5-0) The MMA Clinic vs. Ian "The Whirlwind" Entwistle (4-0-0) Apex MMA

Heavyweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Andreas "Big Daddy" Kraniotakes (10-4-0) Kampfsportgym Koblenz vs. Dave "The Iron Giant" Keeley (5-2-0) Gracie Barra Sheffield

Middleweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Brett Sizeland (3-1-0) The MMA Clinic vs. Craig White (5-2-0) Team Lionheart

Live Stream Pro Prelim Bouts

Featherweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Artem Lobov (2-1-0) SBG Ireland vs. Steve O'Keeffe (3-1-0) Combat Sports Academy

Bantamweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Adam Edwards (3-2-0) The MMA Clinic vs. Ben "The Spider" Crook (7-6-0) Team Lionheart

Featherweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Olivier Pastor (11-7-0-1nc) Team Pythagore vs. Niko Gjoka (5-5-0) Caged Steel

Welterweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Danny Roberts (2-0-0) Next Generation vs. David Howell (2-0-0) Combat Sports Academy