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M-1 Global Challenge 26 - Live Results and Play-By-Play

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What better way to spend a Friday night than by watching some MMA on premium cable? Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and play by play for the M-1 Global Challenge 26 event. The card kicks off on Showtime at 11:00 p.m. ET and features five main card bouts.

Kenny Garner and Pat Bennett meet in a heavyweight main event that many think will earn the winner a title shot against M-1 heavyweight champion Guram Gugenishvili. Also on the card, Tyson Jeffries and Arthur Guseinov fight in the middleweight division. A full preview of the card done by Dallas Winston can be read right here on Bloody Elbow. You can also read a little main event hype with quotes from both men here.

So be sure to join us to share your thoughts on M-1 Global Challenge 26 as the event unfolds.

The Showtime broadcast is live. First fight up shortly.

Jason Norwood vs. Eddie Arizmendi - Round 1 - Norwood comes out with a few straight punches to the air and then pushes Arizmendi into the ropes, looking for a takedown. Arizmendi defending well against the takedown early. A lot of striking from the clinch position, seems as though Norwood has landed low several times but no break. Arizmendi opens up with a big flurry and has Norwood going backward. Another flurry by Arizmendi and Norwood is forced to look for the takedown again but he doesn't seem able to make the adjustments to end up on top. Arizmendi defends a trip and ends up on top on the ground, now taking the back. Arizmendi looking for a choke, locks in a body triangle and lands a series of punches. Norwood escapes to end up on top. Norwood is just hanging out on top while Arizmendi at least throws some strikes up at him. 10-9 round for Arizmendi.

Round 2 - Arizmendi with a leg kick to get it going and another. Big shot lands for Arizmendi and Norwood is hurt badly. Norwood goes into instinct mode and manages to actually get a takedown out of the deal. Arizmendi tries for a sweep but gives up his back. He manages to get up though and now Norwood is looking for another takedown. Another takedown for Norwood. Big John stands them up and Arizmendi is peppering Norwood with punches and he is hurting him. Norwood with another takedown against the ropes though. Norwood ends up on Arizmendi's back. Arizmendi stands up with an exhausted Norwood staying on his back but he shucks him off. Big head kick by Arizmendi and a big left hand and Norwood drops hard. That's it folks! Eddie Arizmendi wins by KO (head kick, left hand), round 2.

Beau Baker vs. Daniel Weichel - Round 1 - Both guys come out throwing a few strikes, trying to figure out the distance. Leg kick by Baker and then Weichel with a flurry of punches, and another right hand that lands. Baker throwing some pretty slow kicks. Hardest leg kick of the round lands for Weichel. Baker with a push kick and head kick that is blocked but then lands a nice hard leg kick. Weichel with some nice punches and then knees from the clinch. Leg kicks by Weichel. Nice knee to the chin from the clinch by Weichel but Baker comes back with a solid left hand to the body. Nice punches by Weichel and he's pretty clearly ahead in the stand-up. Weichel with a clinch and a series of knees again. 10-9 round for Weichel.

Round 2 - Weichel just misses with a few right hand counters to kicks from Baker. Jab, right hand to the body by Weichel and a nice hook over the top. Baker is tough so it's going to be hard to knock him out, but it's hard to see him winning the fight the way he is getting beat up on the feet. Combination punches by Weichel and now a stiff shot that rocks Baker's head. Now Baker shoots in but almost ends up in a guillotine. Weichel crushes Baker's nose with a right hand and puts him down, lands another right hand and makes Baker stand back up. Weichel is just crushing him now. Weichel just dominates the end of the round and sends Baker back to the corner with a broken nose. 10-9 Weichel.

Round 3 - More of the same early with Weichel landing jabs, knees and right hands. Right hand by Weichel puts Baker on the mat and he rolls backward back to a standing position. Baker does manage to land a right hand of his own. Baker shoots, Weichel catches him in a headlock and lands a big knee. Big right hand by Weichel puts Baker on rubber legs. Baker throws a spinning backfist, Weichel ducks under it and lands a right hand. Weichel continuing to land strikes nearly at will. Baker will survive to the final bell but does so by getting crushed with a looping overhand right before time expired. 10-9 Weichel.

Official Scorecards: 30-27, 30-27, 30-25 Daniel Weichel wins by unanimous decision. The 30-25 card was turned in by Larry Landless.

Josh Bacallao vs. Mairbek Taisumov - Round 1 - Taisumov comes out winging a big kick and another. Bacallao with a quick takedown. Taisumov throws his legs up, Bacallao avoids and they scramble back to the feet. A lot of clinch work against the ropes. Right hand by Taisumov, Bacallao looks for the body. Right hand by Taisumov, Bacallao drops hard and the ref jumps in to call a stop to the fight. Mairbek Taisumov wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Tyson Jeffries vs. Arthur Guseinov - Round 1 - Jeffries with a few punches and then a quick takedown into top position. Guseinov has a bad habit of being submitted, so this could be bad. Guseinov gets up, throws a hard right hand but Jeffries catches him in a headlock and lands a series of knees. Guseinov with a wicked spinning backfist and that ends it. Huge spinning backfist KO. Arthur Guseinov wins by KO (spinning backfist), round 1.

Patrick Bennett vs. Kenny Garner - Round 1 - Jumping punch by Bennett (not really a superman punch, just a jump and punch). Both guys throwing wild punches with their chins straight up in the air. They're both really just throwing wildly. It's hard to call the action, both guys are landing. Bennett rocks Garner with a punch, Garner comes back and rocks Bennett with a nice shot. Bennett reacts to the punches Garner lands horribly. Garner landing some nice punches and Bennett with a knee that lands. We're starting to see both guys gas. 10-9 Garner for landing the better punches I guess.

Round 2 - Garner comes out and lands a few hard punches, Bennett with a punch of his own and they're back to the clinch with Garner landing to the body. Garner hurts Bennett badly with a series of punches, now a knee and another punch and Bennett goes down. It's over. Kenny Garner wins by TKO (strikes), round 2.

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