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Ben Askren, Dan Hardy Both Take Shots at Nate Marquardt

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The welterweights are circling. Nate Marquardt's TRT troubles are well-known by now, and there are a few fighters out there that just can't resist the temptation to throw their two cents in. The two most prominent guys being Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren, and British welterweight Dan Hardy. Askren spoke to MMAWeekly and said that Nate's not telling the truth:

"I think it’s pretty clear, he failed not one, but two tests. I think it becomes very, very clear when his coach Trevor Wittman is coming out and saying things that goes against what he’s doing. If your coach ain’t got your back, who’s got your back? I think it’s pretty clear to me as many excuses as he makes that he was cheating and this is not the first time he’s got caught," Askren said.

"The worst thing about it is that he just keeps lying. Own up to it, be a man, take care of your responsibilities, you did wrong, you’ve got to admit to it."

He says that PED usage is common in MMA:

"It’s pretty obvious. I’ve been around the block. I travel a lot to gyms. I think cheating with performance enhancing drugs runs rampant in the MMA world, and I’m okay with that, that’s their decision," Askren stated. "I wouldn’t do it. I think there are long-term ramifications in your career, and the fact that they’re choosing to take the easy way out as opposed to training themselves naturally, that’s also going to have an effect on them long-term, that they didn’t do it themselves, that they had something helping them."

Ben then goes on to tell him to "be a man" and tell the truth, and challenges him to come to Bellator. This isn't really surprising, since Askren was on twitter right after the incident saying the same thing. Next up was Dan Hardy, who took a slightly more humorous approach when speaking to ESPN

"What is he, 31 or 32?" Hardy said to ESPN. "I don't want to kick a man when he's down but what's he doing needing testosterone therapy anyway at that age? "I'm not that far behind him and I certainly don't need any!

"The thing that annoyed me is that he has tested positive for nandrolone in the past, people are aware of that, and now he's saying he needs Hormone Replacement. Maybe he wouldn't have needed Hormone Replacement if he hadn't been using something in the first place.

"On the bright side, he'll always have a job as a Chippendale."

Everyone has the right to their opinion, and Askren has something to gain if he can goad Marquardt into coming to Bellator and fighting him. I'm sure we'll be hearing from more guys once Nate's future plans are revealed.