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Gray Maynard Not Cleared to Fight Yet, Frankie Edgar Ready to Go

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The UFC lightweight title situation has been up in the air since January, when champion Frankie Edgar and challenger Gray Maynard fought to a draw at UFC 125. The two were scheduled to meet for a third time at UFC 130 to settle all this, but both fighters picked up injuries and had to withdraw. And while it appears Edgar is ready to go again and wants to fight in the fall, Maynard is a little behind in the recovery race. MMAJunkie has it:

Edgar has been cleared to fight and is ready to compete in October, manager Ali Abdel-Aziz today told

Maynard, meanwhile, has yet to receive the all-clear to begin a camp that would prepare him for a highly anticipated rematch with the lightweight champ.

"Right now, we're still waiting for him to be cleared by the doctor," said Gil Martinez, Maynard's boxing coach. "Hopefully, it happens this week."

A fight between the two in October would be ideal for the UFC since they don't have a title fight scheduled for UFC 136 in Houston on October 8th as of yet. If the fight is pushed back because of Maynard's recovery, it's difficult to see where it could be fit into the schedule in a timely fashion. Both UFC 137 and UFC 138 already have title fights assigned to them (at least informally), so we might not see Maynard/Edgar 3 until December in Montreal. That's a long time for such a deep division to be in limbo. Then again, Maynard might get cleared quickly and this is much ado about nothing.