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Strikeforce Fedor vs Henderson Results: Henderson Stops Fedor Late in the First Round

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Fedor Emelianenko and Dan Henderson faced off in the main event of the aptly-named Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson card tonight, and Hendo walked away with arguably the biggest win of his career.

Fedor and Henderson came out swinging, looking for the knockout early on. Henderson tagged Emelianenko early with a left and right which opened the Russian up. They clinched against the cage, and Henderson worked knees to the body and legs. As Henderson broke away he landed two more heavy shots. Fedor landed his right hand but was unable to follow up. Another Fedor right hand put Dan down but Hendo kept his cool and was able to reverse position to finish Emelianenko by strikes as Herb Dean called the fight.  The stoppage was debatable, but Henderson walks away with the W. Did Henderson land some shots to the back of the head? It's a point of contention amongst some.

The fight is Fedor's third straight loss with a submission, corner stoppage, and knockout now on his record. The knockout is the first official (non-cut) TKO stoppage of Emelianenko's career and judging by his post fight interview, he is unsure of his fighting future. Henderson has completed his four-fight contract with Strikeforce, and it's unclear where he goes from here.