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Titan Fighting Championship 19 Live Results and Commentary

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Join us tonight, July 29, 2011 for live results, commentary and play-by-play for Titan Fighting Championship 19, which will be broadcast live at 10 p.m. ET on HDNet.

The seven-fight card is headlined by a 160-pound bout between Titan star James Krause and PRIDE and Sengoku veteran Clay French. Also on the card, 2004 Olympic silver medalist Sara McMann faces Tonya Evinger.

The show was supposed to be headlined by a heavyweight bout between former WWE star Bobby Lashley and UFC veteran Eddie Sanchez, but Lashley pulled out of the show citing personal reasons.

For more on tonight's action while it's in progress, you can follow me on Twitter @mbish86.

Titan Fighting Championship 19
Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kan.

Catchweight bout (160 lbs.): James Krause vs. Clay French
Catchweight bout (140 lbs.): Sara McMann vs. Tonya Evinger
Light-heavyweight bout: Rob Kimmons vs. Brendan Seguin
Welterweight bout: Nick Nolte vs. Marcio Navarro
Heavyweight bout: Daniel Gallemore vs. Alex Huddleston
Lightweight bout: Joe Wilk vs. William DeSouza
Bantamweight bout: Anthony Gutierrez vs. Cody Land

Tonight's broadcast is now live!

James Krause vs. Clay French

Round 1 — Krause tries a high kick early and French blocks it. French slaps down a kick and goes for a takedown. They scramble and French hits Krause with an illegal knee that the referee just ignores. Krause yells at the referee for it. He wasn't hurt. They end up with French in Krause's guard. Now Krause locks in a guillotine choke but French pops out. French still on top. Krause turns in but can't slide out. Krause working rubber guard briefly. French in guard but Krause sweeps with 30 seconds left. He tries to stand but French puts him back on his back. The round ends. 10-9 French

Round 2 — Right hand for Krause. French tags Krause. French with a takedown and Krause is on his back again. Krause tries to escape but French reels him back in. French briefly tags his back but Krause bucks out and ends up in French's guard halfway through the round. Krause rolls over looking for a choke but gives up top position when he can't get it. The round ends with French landing two solid shots. 10-9 French

Round 3 — Krause with a front kick that stuns French. Krause stuffs a takedown attempt. Krause all over French and he ends up on top. French, though sweeps Krause but Krause reverses position again and locks in an arm-triangle choke out of nowhere. He can't crank it because he's on the cage. French escapes and Krause is in full guard now. They scramble and French ends up on top with a minute to go. French lands some shots from half-guard. That's all she wrote. 10-9 Krause (29-28 French)

Official decision: Clay French d. James Krause (Decision/Split) 29-28x2, 28-29

Sara McMann vs. Tonya Evinger

Round 1 — Evinger tries a spinning back kick but it gets caught up on McMann's shoulder and McMann takes her down into side control. Evinger with a side headlock and gains half-guard. Not much from McMann on top, but that's to be expected considering her experience level. McMann with some punches to the body and they are broken up with 1:08 left. McMann catches a kick and gets a takedown. Butterfly guard briefly for Evinger before going to a open guard. McMann lands some punches and gets going as the round ends. 10-9 McMann

Round 2 — They clinch on the cage after a brief exchange. McMann wrestlers Evinger to the mat impressively. Half-guard. Into full guard. Now they stand. Evinger tries a high kick but McMann steps under and then in and takes Evinger down. McMann doing just enough to avoid being stood up. Evinger not really threatening from the bottom. 10-9 McMann

Round 3 — McMann rushes forward with punches, they clinch and McMann takes Evinger down yet again into full guard. Now Evinger locks in a modified triangle choke but McMann slips out. Very odd position. McMann in side control. Now McMann is looking for a Kimura but Evinger defends well. McMann to the body. Evinger tries to roll out but McMann's top control is impeccable. McMann is bleeding and they are broken up with a minute to go. Evinger still trying funky kicks to no avail. McMann clinches her against the cage with 10 seconds left and rides it out. 10-9 McMann (30-27 McMann)

Official decision: Sara McMann d. Tonya Evinger (Decision/Unanimous) 30-27x3

Rob Kimmons vs. Brendan Seguin

Round 1 — The two trade with dirty boxing  in the opening seconds. Seguin connects hard and Kimmons just smiles and Seguin smiles back. Seguin working some body shots in the clinch and Kimmons responds with a knee to the body. They continue to fight from the clinch. They break briefly but end up right back in there. Seguin is continually working the body. Kimmons lands some punches and they break the clinch. Seguin lands and Kimmons kicks him in the leg. That's it. 10-9 Seguin

Round 2 — Seguin lands some nice elbows from the clinch. Seguin is very active here as they continue to fight from the clinch in the center of the cage. Seguin with a nice combo. And a big uppercut. He is working Kimmons here. Now Kimmons is cut on the top of the head. A ton of blood coming from it. Wow. Now Kimmons charges forward and they go back into the clinch. Blood literally covers half of Kimmons' face. Seguin lands a right and they clinch. Kimmons pushes Seguin against the cage. Seguin pushes off the cage in the clinch. Kimmons lands a high knee and that ends the round. 10-9 Seguin

Round 3 — Upon replay review, the blood came from Seguin and was smeared all over Kimmons' face during the clinch work. Nice right connects for Kimmons. Seguin with a left and now he tags Kimmons with a right and he just takes it. Seguin wades in with a left and initiates another clinch. Right hand snaps Kimmons' head back. Inside uppercuts for Seguin. Inside knee from Kimmons. Kimmons pushes him against the cage but Seguin breaks off and lands an elbow going away. Kimmons with a right hook. Right hand and a outside kick for Seguin. Good combo. Seguin knocks down a head kick attempt from Kimmons. Seguin starting to land more. Kimmons goes for a takedown that's stopped and that's it. 10-9 Seguin (30-27 Seguin -- closer than that indicates)

Official decision: Brendan Seguin d. Rob Kimmons (Decision/Unanimous) 29-28x3

Joe Wilk vs. William DeSouza

Round 1 — Wilk lands a knee that sends DeSouza back. Nice elbow and a punch connect for Wilk on the ground. DeSouza has full guard. DeSouza looks to stand but Wilk hops on his back but can't do anything and DeSouza breaks free and puts Wilk's back on the cage. DeSouza has a leg but can't do much with it as Wilk is defending well. They both drop and Wilk ends up on top and lands three big shots and then some to the body. Wilk landing some huge lefts and now DeSouza stands and Wilk grabs a guillotine but doesn't get it. They clinch as the round ends. 10-9 Wilk

Round 2 — Wilk goes for a double but slides around to DeSouza's back. They switch back and remain clinched against the cage. Wilk landing some various shots but nothing of any serious damage. Wilk pulls the head down and lands a nice knee but DeSouza uses it to reverse position. Wilk reverses back. And the referee breaks them up after a ton of time on the cage. After about seven seconds, they head back to the cage like it has a magnet on it. Wilk with a slam inside side control but he doesn't have a lot of time and the round ends. 10-9 Wilk

Round 3 Technical difficulties here on the site. 10-9 Wilk (30-27 Wilk)

Joe Wilk d. William DeSouza (Decision/Unanimous) 30-27x3



Nick Nolte vs. Marcio Navarro

Round 1 — Nolte drops Navarro back with a jab that Navarro walked right into. Nolte working on the side of Navarro's back. Navarro switches around and Nolte locks in an arm-triangle choke and Navarro is in bad shape here. He's really fighting it and escapes. Nolte still on top but Navarro could have a leg but isn't doing anything with it. Navarro spins and ends up on top. He drags Nolte down and into half-guard. Nolte trying to be busy with his legs but can't get anything. Navarro walks away from it with 20 seconds left. Nolte taunts Navarro and gets cracked for it but returns one of his own. The round ends. 10-9 Nolte.

Round 2 — Nolte in control early on. They clinch. An extended clinch, in fact. They finally are broken up. Knee lands with a punch behind it for Nolte. Navarro responds. They clinch again and Navarro lands a low blow and time is called. We resume. They trade low kicks. High kick from Nolte partially connects. Now Nolte lands a kick low. That was hard. Navarro recovers must faster than I expected. Nolte with a takedown but Navarro pops right back up. Now he gets another and works a bit of rubber guard when the round ends. 10-9 Nolte

Round 3 — Navarro tags Nolte with a left. He looks like he wants to land some kicks her. Nolte charges forward with some punches. Nolte with a knee and has Navarro pressed against the cage. They separate. Both men connect. Both men just throwing anything. Clinch against the cage. Still clinching and they finally break and Navarro lands. One minute to go and Navarro needs something. Back to clinching and Nolte gets a takedown with 15 seconds left. That'll do it. 10-9 Nolte (30-27 Nolte).

Official decision: Nick Nolte d. Marcio Navarro (Decision/Unanimous) 29-28x2, 30-27

Daniel Gallemore vs. Alex Huddleston

Round 1 — Gallemore's nose is bleeding early. Huddleston initiates a clinch against the cage. Both men trading knees. Uppercuts land for both fighters, but Huddleston lands better. Gallemore tries to jump into guard but just sort of falls to the mat and takes Huddleston with him. Huddleston into side control. Good top work by Huddleston but Gallemore holds him off and regains guard. Huddleston passes again, though. Gallemore tries to be active with his legs but Huddleston makes him pay with some shots. More hammerfists and now Gallemore kicks Huddleston smack in the kisser while both are on the grown and Huddleston is down. The referee calls time.

After two minutes, Huddleston is finally on his knees. Now on one knee. I don't see how this can go on considering how long Huddleston has been down. He finally gets to his feet. The referee talks to him and now the doctor comes in and checks on him. He has two minutes left of recovery time. The doctor tells the referee Huddleston is ready. The referee deducts two points from Gallemore and rightfully so.

We're back underway with 39 seconds left and the two start trading punches. They clinch until the round ends. 10-7 Huddleston.

Round 2 — Gallemore goes for a high kick but Huddleston ducks underneath and uses it to take him down. Side control for Huddleston. After some time, Huddleston mounts and starts raining down blows. Gallemore gives his back and Huddleston starts landing some shots. He looks to flatte n Gallemore out and does. Huddleston knows he has a lot of time and isn't afraid to use it. Huddleston now has ceased working, actually. He looks tired. Huddleston has one minute left now. He might have it. They turn over and Huddleston loses his position and ends up on his back with 40 seconds left. Huddleston sweeps him with 20 seconds left. The round ends. 10-9 Huddleston

Round 3 — Gallemore is the fresher fighter here. He ends up on Huddleston's back. Gallemore gets one hook in and is looking to yank Huddleston backward. Gallemore is softening Huddleston up, still with one hook it, but Huddleston takes him over and goes into side control. He is exhausted. He looks content to ride this one out with half the round left. Gallemore tries to escape but Huddleston is able to push him back down. And again. Huddleston landing some courtesy punches at this point. Short elbows for Huddleston and that's it. 10-9 Huddleston (30-25 Huddleston)

Official decision: Alex Huddleston d. Daniel Gallemore (Decision/Unanimous) 30-25x2, 29-26

Anthony Gutierrez vs. Cody Land

Round 1 — They trade some kicks in the early going before Land clinches and drags Gutierrez to the mat and into side control. Gutierrez gains half-guard. Gutierrez gains guard in a brief scramble and now they both get up. Left hand lands for Land but then Gutierrez drops him with a knee and goes to town with elbows to the side of the covered head forever and Land taps.

Anthony Gutierrez d. Cody Land (Submission/Punches) R1 2:36