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Cung Le Will Only Return to MMA to Fight in the UFC

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Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Cung Le might only have eight career MMA fights, but the former San Shou world champion is a popular figure in the sport and people want to see him fight. Le has been concentrating on a budding acting career of late and has only fought twice in the past three years though, and there doesn't appear to be much on the horizon for him. He's under contract to Strikeforce, but he told MMA Weekly that the only thing he want to do now is fight for the UFC:

"I know for a fact that if I do fight again, it’s going to be in the UFC. I’ve never fought in the UFC, but I would love to fight in the UFC. But right now because of my contract with Showtime and Strikeforce, hopefully things can work out because there is a show in San Jose that Cain Velasquez is the main event. I would love to fight in San Jose for the UFC and for Dana White and Lorenzo (Fertitta)," said Le.

Dana White has made it clear that no one besides Nick Diaz is coming over, but Le seems pretty adamant about it being UFC or nothing in terms of his fighting career:

"If it happens, great, I’m training right now," Le said. "If it doesn’t, I’m going to be in good shape for my next movie."


"I love Strikeforce, I came through Strikeforce, but I’ve given Strikeforce eight awesome fights," said Le. "I feel if I could, if they allow me, I would to give UFC and UFC fans some great fights. If that’s possible, I hope it is; if not, I’m sorry."

Would the 39-year-old Le be a factor in the UFC middleweight division? While he has a very exciting style, I personally don't see this move happening nor do I think he would be a legit contender in the UFC. There are a lot of great grapplers there and while Le's San Shou is impressive, he'd be giving up a lot of size and experience.

You can watch the whole video after the jump.