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Tito Ortiz Involved In Car Accident, UFC 133 Main Event Still On

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Tito Ortiz crashed his Rolls Royce -- <em>Photo via <a href=""></a></em>
Tito Ortiz crashed his Rolls Royce -- Photo via

The injury stricken UFC 133 card almost claimed another victim today. Tito Ortiz crashed his Rolls Royce Phantom, but luckily, the 'Huntington Beach Bad Boy' came out unscathed. TMZ reported on the crash:

UFC fighter Tito Ortiz -- and his super-expensive Rolls Royce Phantom -- were involved in a 3-car collision in Costa Mesa, CA this weekend ... and while no one was hurt, Tito says he cried anyway.

It all went down near a Denny's restaurant Sunday afternoon. It's unclear who was at fault, but Tito was seen shaking hands with one of the people involved in the wreck moments after the collision.

Tito Ortiz tweeted about the accident shortly after:

I cried a little because its my favorite car but it will be new n no time.less than a minute ago via TweetCaster for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

The problem though, is that costs will be coming from his own pocket as Ortiz also said that his insurance won't be covering this. But hey, it might be extra motivation to get that bonus come fight night.