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Dream 17 Scheduled for September, Dynamite for December

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Everyone had written off Dream as a viable promotion a few months ago, especially since they had no cards scheduled for the first five months of the year. After two successful Dream: Fight for Japan charity cards though, it appears they have their legs back under them. Dream officials announced that Dream 17 will take place in September, and they fully expect to go forward with the annual New Years Eve show traditionally called Dynamite.

Dream 17 will likely feature the first round of a World Bantamweight Grand Prix. The top three finishers in the Japan BWGP (Hideo Tokoro, Masakazu Imanari, Kenji Osawa) will all advance to the World GP. There has been no announcement regarding any other contestants as of yet, but it is expected that the finals will take place at the Dynamite show.

There is also potential for another fall show before Dynamite, but nothing has been confirmed by the promotion in regards to that.