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Kimbo Slice to Make Pro-Boxing Debut Against James Wade

New, comments had been announced a few weeks ago, that Kimbo Slice will finally be making the jump to pro boxing and will debut on August 13. Now he has an opponent, James Wade, who is currently 0-1 as a boxer. Here's how Jared Shaw tries to spin things:

"James Wade is an American fighter out of Missouri, and he’s 0-1, but he doesn’t want to go 0-2. For Kimbo Slice it’s a great fight for his pro debut, it will give us time to assess where Kimbo is through his training, and how his learning curve has already begun."

"For James Wade this is his heavyweight championship, for Kimbo Slice this is his pro boxing debut."

"Kimbo’s looking real good, he’s focused, he’s fully healthy now. This time off has been a blessing for him, he’s reinvigorated. He has a chip on his shoulder and he’s hungry. He does want gold, but he wants respect a lot more,"

He continues to try and hype him up by talking about Butterbean and David Haye, who recently lost to Wladimir Klitschko:

"A lot of people think this is the Butterbean, king of the four rounders, well when we fight six rounds and that will be soon enough, they won’t say he’s the Butterbean, king of the four rounders. I can promise you when he steps in the ring, he’ll back up everything I’m saying."

"I can guarantee you one thing – Kimbo Slice is no David Haye, he won’t be running away from anybody. He’s going to be an injection into the heavyweight division."

Kimbo seems to be a nice guy and all, but is "$kala" really fooling anyone by comparing Ferguson to guys like Butterbean or David Haye, even before his first boxing fight? He's right about one thing though, Kimbo is no David Haye. He still has a long way to go before he can be compared to a multiple division world champion.