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UFC 131 Fight Card: Shane Carwin Discusses Weight Before Junior dos Santos Bout

Thomas Myers of SB Nation MMA had the opportunity to speak with Shane Carwin as he prepares for his UFC 131 main event bout with Junior dos Santos. In the interview they discuss the Strikeforce heavyweights, Shane's "electing" for back surgery and many other topics. But it's possible the most interesting aspect is the discussion of Shane's weight loss and what the future of heavyweight is likely to look like:

Thomas Myers, With guys like Frank Mir working to pack on weight, while guys like Roy Nelson are rumored to be considering trimming the fat, how do you see the role size and nutrition plays - specifically for the heavyweight division - as the UFC continues to grow into the lone premier MMA league? Do you think the tendency to pack on muscle to compete with bigger guys like you, Lesnar, Alistair Overeem and Antonio Silva being a key focus of the future of the division?

Shane Carwin: To each their own. I think that what works for the athlete is what works. For me I am walking around in the 250's and never felt better. If I was to face Brock again I do not think I would do anything different and I would weigh 250 pounds this time around. I have redesigned my diet and you can see that here.

Thomas Myers, As a follow up, do you see the HW division of, say, 5 or 6 years from now being made up of guys 265+ (meaning guys who have to cut to make the HW cap)? Do you think the UFC will need to introduce a Cruiserweight for smaller heavyweights like Fedor Emelianenko or even bigger light heavyweights such as Forrest Griffin?

Shane Carwin: I think the introduction of another weight class is not needed. You are either 205 or you are a heavyweight with a max of 265. There is no doubt that guys will need to redefine how they eat and perform.

Shane is a hell of a fighter, but there are periods of the interview that almost made me laugh just in how brief his answers are. Still, the interview is very much worth checking out. Go give it a read.


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