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Bloody Wraps - June 8: I'm Pretty Sure There's a UFC on Saturday

I was ready to rant. I really was. The Josh Barnett thing got under my skin a little bit. But I've calmed down. Instead, I'll leave it at this: When Josh said "I've no time or interest to keep answering q's on my license" I'm sure no one at the California State Athletic Commission found it to be untrue.

On to the news:

- While it's not a "done deal" yet, it does appear that the New York MMA bill is set to die. It's not shocking, and honestly it's not even as important as we make it out to be. But it is disappointing.

- Kenny Florian's transformation to a featherweight was discussed.

- The web streamed fights at UFC 131 were previewed by Dallas Winston, along with a separate post previewing the bout between Michihiro Omigawa and Darren Elkins.

Jon Jones talked about his likely next opponent, Quinton Jackson. It was awkward and a little disappointing, but hey, the hype had to get going somehow.

- There are rumors swirling that the UFC is looking to purchase a controlling percentage of the G4 network. The network was removed from DirecTV after continued poor ratings and a failure to lower the cost for DirecTV to carry the station.

- Oh, and Anton's spectacularly popular How's Taste My Tweet Tweet feature ran this morning.

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