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UFC 135: Jon Jones Talks Rampage Jackson

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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is expected to make his first title defense against former champion Quinton Jackson. That fight is expected to take place at UFC 135 at the Pepsi Center in Denver on September 24.

After his UFC 130 win over Matt Hamill, Ramage stirred up a great deal of controversy in an interview with MMA Heat's Karyn Bryant when he joked about "motorboating" her. 

Jones spoke to MMA Heat  (video in full entry) about the controversy and had some words of advice for Rampage:

Whats up guys? This is the UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon "Bones" Jones and I'm here dropping some knowledge today. This is a public service announcement. The topic we're going to discuss today is "motor boating". Rampage...C'mon son. You can't go motor boating Karyn Bryant in the middle of an interview. It's just not right, especially when her husband is the guy holding the camera. C'mon son, think about it. You're at home, with your wife, girlfriend, fiance, whatever she may be. You're watching a movie, she's starting to show you some signs, you're flirting a little bit. Go ahead and dive in. Perfect time. Perfect time for a good motor boat. But post-fight interview, with a respectable reporter, great woman, you're all up in her grill? C'mon son. We're gonna have to talk about that. Until next time, save your motorboats ladies and gentlemen for the privacy of your own home. This is Jon Jones, until next time.

On a more serious note, Jones also spoke to Tru MMA about fighting Rampage:

Aaron: As a young guy in the sport, I know that you had a chance to watch Rampage growing up. You recently fought Shogun Rua, one of the people you were able to watch growing up as well. Does it add anything to it to fight these former monsters from PRIDE? Guy that were thought to be untouchable back in their hay day?

Jon: Yeah, absolutely. It's a huge opportunity. Rampage is known world wide. Very huge following in Japan and here in the states, and obviously when you are a young guy and you beat a guy who's accomplished so much, you almost take some of his glory with you. I'm excited for that opportunity.

Aaron: I'm not sure if you were able to see the fight a few weeks back between Rampage and Matt Hamill. Unfortunately, when you fought Hamill you weren't victorious, although you beat the living crap out of him. What did you think of Rampage's performance and his ability to win the fight but not really do much damage?

Jon: I think Rampage did very well. He's coming off two great wins against Lyoto, who's no joke, and Matt Hamill, who's also no joke. Two different beasts with two different skill sets. I have nothing to say about his style, I thought he did great. A wonderful right knee, great hooks. Great boxing from every angle, he's a man to be taken seriously and that's what we're doing.


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