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Sergei Kharitonov Talks Competing in Other Disciplines, Training Partners

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Strikeforce heavyweight Sergei Kharitonov has tried to stay busy while waiting for his next bout. Kharitonov advanced to the semi-finals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix with a knockout win over Andrei Arlovski back in February, but with the first round still not competed, he has a lot of down time. He did an interview with last week and talked about how he's passing the time by competing in other sports like boxing and wrestling, and covered a few other topics as well. (translation by kickyonuts on the UG).

On the reason for taking K-1 and boxing matches and even considering freestyle wrestling:

Sergei you do 3 different competitions : MMA , K-1 and boxing , do you think it's dangerous ? Do you want to stick to just 1 of those?

I already did, it's MMA, everything else is just an addition to MMA. Right now I am not allowed to fight in MMA in any other organisation, so I have to look for other opportunities to stay busy and move forward, I do K-1 fights and boxing . It's not 100% yet but I might take part in either sambo or grappling competition closer to the very important semifinals bout in HW GP. I might even go to a freestyle wrestling competition if there is an opportunity, it's not even important if I win there or not, more important just to take part in it . I know that I will win my GP bout and I also don't have to be ashamed if I lose in the grappling competition where I have no reputation on the line.

Who does Sergei grapple and spar with?

My main grappling sparring partner is Jon Olav Einemo.  Also I train with Denis Stojnic who is here for his fight, I wrestle with him .  There are many guys, like 20-30 people to train with.


(I spar with) Saki, Zimmerman, Semmy Schilt, Alistair Overeem and a lot of other people. We go to Thailand and train there and in Holland. We all train together in one gym like I've said , grappling or striking.

He also dicusses his last boxing match back in April, a split-decision loss to a 19 year old Croatian kid named Filip (not Mirko) Hrgovic:

What went wrong in the boxing bout against Mirko Hrgovic?

Nothing went wrong really, I mean if I was in the same shape I was for the Arlovski fight I am sure I would have won, I wasn't fully prepared for the fight , I wanted to compete and not to get rusty . You can't be in your best shape all the time, keep winning every time while fighting monthly. I felt like my fighting shape was getting worse and to keep sharp I came out for the boxing bout. I knew there aren't many big knockout power punchers in the competition, nobody could have hurt my seriously. If I win I win, if not it's not a big deal . It wasn't my main goal to win at all costs, I didn't give it all to try and win. Most importantly was to stay busy , I think I got what I wanted from the bout .

It's unknown when the semi-final round of the GP will begin, but Kharitonov will face the winner of the Brett Rogers vs. Josh Barnett fight at Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum on June 18th. In the meantime, it doesn't look like Sergei's sitting around and waiting for Strikeforce.

HT to Anton Gurevich of for checking the translation

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