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Clay Guida: 'It's Time to Get My Title Run'

Image via Cage Potato
Image via Cage Potato's Megan Olivi did an interview with Clay Guida in regards to his fight with Anthony Pettis at The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale tomorrow night, and Guida came across as pretty confident. Guida, who is 8-5 in the UFC and on a 3 fight winning streak, believes that he would be, as Dana puts it, "in the mix" if he's able to get by Pettis. And he's not just going to beat him. He's going to dominate him:

"The UFC's gonna realize, come Saturday night after I dominate Anthony Pettis, that there's a new guy in town and...I've paid my dues. It's time to get my title run, and he's in my way."

At the end of the interview, he also talked about possibly facing Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez, who has spoken recently of wanting to fight UFC lightweights and mentioned Guida as one of the guys he'd like to face (Melendez won a 5 round split-decision over Guida to claim his first lightweight title way back in 2006, almost to the day):

"Absolutely. Gilbert's a great guy, we had a battle. He's a buddy of mine, you know. We went in there and he kicked the crap out of me for four out of the five rounds or somethin' like that, so yeah...I'm focused on Anthony Pettis, but after I put him away...we'll see who's next."

You can watch the full interview after the jump.

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